Call of Duty franchise exceeds $3 billion in sales

Modern Warfare 2 rings up $550 million in five days

EA and Dice delay Bad Company 2 PC beta

DX11 and dedicated ranked servers

£1.92 million gold and diamond iPhone on sale

Dedicated followers of fashion please apply

Living buildings could clean up the atmosphere

Warning: wet paint

DRAM prices slump as supplies strengthen

DRAMatic 15 percent drop

NASA finds new evidence for life on Mars

Meteorite contains fossil bacteria

Japanese firm launches dual screen notebook

Double vision

Royal Navy to train with Playstations

Defense cuts of the realm

McKinnon 'will commit suicide' if extradited

British hacker 'has psychological problems'

Bulgarian scientist says he talks to aliens

And they don't like us wearing lipstick

Concept cellphones include a phone like a fan

Speculative concepts take the biscuit

Mininova takes down a million torrent files

Can't comply with court ruling any other way

China readies second Moon mission

Projects manned mission by 2017

Sony pins its hopes on 3D TVs

Headaches ahead

Happy Thanksgiving from Mozilla

Fresh Firefox turkey ripe for the oven

Datel sues Microsoft over Xbox 360 memory card

Alleges 2GB card disabled

Dazzlesmile sues Microsoft, Google in trademark dispute

Show those shining gnashers

Apple fanbois attempt to seize Microsoft, er Windows

Windows, you can't trademark the name

Scott's Antarctic diaries posted on Twitter

It may take some time

Robot exhibition opens in Tokyo

Making us all redundant