DDoS attack spikes Amazon traffic

Source identified and mitigated

NORAD tracks down Santa Claus for smoking on the job

'Twas the night before Christmas

There's going to be a DRAM shortage

From glut to famine

Cure for cancer found?

Forget about the Big C

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Twitter buys Mixer Labs to enhance geolocation services

They know where you are

Sun and moon trigger tremors beneath San Andreas fault

Everybody, walk on tiptoes

FuseProject touts $75 concept tablet

Virtual keyboard and no buttons

Hacker unswindles Amazon's Kindle?

Who's got the crack?

Analyst sees Apple tablet launch in March

?Estimates $600 price point

Kodak and Samsung settle over digital camera spat

BlackBerry's outage is second in seven days and nights

RIM acknowledges problem

Audi A8 car to stream Google Earth

Vorsprung durch Googlich

'Venetian blind' outperforms traditional lenses

Applications in large-scale radar systems

Netbook shipments went through the roof in 2009

Happy little cute things

Comcast offers $16 million to settle P2P spat

Mom calls cops over son's gaming addiction

Blames Grand Theft Auto

Van Halen jumps on the Guitar Hero bandwagon?

Model citizen, zero discipline?

DECAF no protection for pedophiles

COFEE, DECAF revisited

Facebook users love a good whinge

Especially on a Monday