Intel wants to cut wires with WiTricity

Intel announced an agreement today with WiTricity that could one day lead to the end of chargers and power adapters.

14 years old hack ATM

Two teenage boys have hacked their local bank's ATM. Why? Because they read the instructions.

5 biggest mistakes to avoid when rolling out an app

There are a few things you need to consider before you rush your app to market. Here are five mistakes you want to avoid when rolling out your app.

HP Apollo: a 100 per cent liquid cooled supercomputer

The Apollo supercomputer range are up to four times faster than traditional rack servers.

Amazon plans to sell you babysitting

Amazon is getting into the local services market, yes, things like babysitting and house cleaning.

European Commission wants more on Apple's tax machinations

Apple's tax arrangements in Ireland raised the hackles of the US Senate and now the Europeans want a formal investigation.

Anti-Uber taxi protest in London backfires

12,000 London black cab drivers protested Uber and managed to get the app an 850% leap in downloads.

Apple frowns on incentivizing, social sharing and in app app promotions

Apple has recently started rejecting apps that offer users incentives for social sharing and they are definitely not happy about apps that promote other apps.

FashionTEQ wants to bring a little fashion to wearables

FashionTEQ is trying to launch a new line of fashion jewelry called Zazzi that doubles as a smartphone alert system.

Bleamcard brings augmented reality to business cards

Bleamcard is a cool augmented reality enhanced business card/smartphone combination that lets you add an impressive array of information, pictures even video to a standard paper business card.

Gig discovery app Timbre acquired by Seatwave

Timbre has also been revamped the app. Seems like a marriage made in heaven.

Could Apple’s HealthKit initiative come under FDA scrutiny?

Last December Apple met with the FDA to get some clarification about what types of health apps and devices fall under FDA regulations. It’s an interesting question that a lot of device makers are going to have to consider.

Salesforce pitching wearable device cloud initiative

Salesforce has decided to try getting into the wearable device developer space. No they aren’t coming out with their own devices, instead they are launching a new cloud service called Salesforce Wear.

There’s a new smart thermostat from Honeywell

Nest has some new competition from Honeywell. The company has announced they are beginning to ship a new smart thermostat called Lyric through HVAC contractors and will make the thermostat available in Lowe’s stores in August.

Anonymous protesting the World Cup by targeting sponsors

Coca Cola and Adidas beware because hacker collective Anonymous is looking to take you down.

Avangate's digital commerce solution looks at a new services economy model

The company has PayPal as its target and wants to compete on time to market and agility.

Microsoft’s rumoured technology bringing new gesture controls to mobile

Nokia’s could be the first customer for its rumored McLaren mobile phone.

Apple’s iPhone 6 will do cool things like NFC and wireless charging

Rumors and iPhones are like catnip to the Internet. We have it all on the iPhone 6