Anonymous warns Germany's far right

Posted by Trent Nouveau

Anonymous has launched a new Internet portal populated by hacked data allegedly extracted from various far-right sources in Germany.

According to Der Spiegel, (currently features lists of purported donors to the far-right National Democratic Party (NPD), internal NPD emails, a contacts list from the right-wing weekly newspaper Junge Freiheit and customer data originating from neo-Nazi online stores.

Anonymous warns Germany's far right

It should be noted that some of the information on the recently launched website has already been made public, including the hacked NPD e-mails which were splashed across the front pages of German newspapers in February 2011.

The Anonymous portal is apparently run under the auspices of Operation Blitzkrieg, an ongoing campaign against far-right websites by digital activists.

"For quite a while now we have been watching our precious Interwebs (sic) being used as a platform for ideologies as stupid and dangerous as it gets. The talk is of course of far-right parties," the organization wrote in a 2011 communiqué.

"We German Anons have decided to tolerate no more these actions."

For its part, NPD reps told the DPA it would probably take legal action against the site, a threat which predictably failed to impress Anonymous.

"You want to sue us? A complaint against anonymous (individuals)?" the group asked rhetorically on Twitter. "[Really], don't make yourselves look ridiculous!"