AntiSec pwns Cali police union website

Posted by Trent Nouveau

Hackers operating under the AntiSec banner have successfully breached the website run by the California Statewide Law Enforcement Association (CSLEA) union.

The digital infiltrators extracted and posted the names, addresses and phone numbers of CSLEA members, along with credit card information lifted from the association's online gift store.

AntiSec pwns Cali police union website"California police have a notorious history of brutality and therefore have been on our hit list for a good minute now," the group wrote in an online communiqué. 

According to AntiSec, the hack and extract operation was carried out in retaliation for the controversial death of Oscar Grant, police brutality against the OccupyWallStreet (OWS) movement and poor conditions in California jails.

"We knew they did hack our website in November and pulled out various emails and information they could get," CSLEA President Alan Barcelona told ABC News 10.

"And so we knew they were going to be posting things. As far as I'm concerned, [these] people are criminal terrorists."

Unsurprisingly, AntiSec shows little sign of slowing its frenetic pace of hack and extract ops, as the group pledged to target NYPD law enforcement officials over their role in suppressing OWS protests.

"For our next owning we bring you multiple law enforcement targets in the state of New York, who has been on our crosshairs for some time due to their brutal repression of Occupy Wall Street."

It should be noted that AntiSec has executed a number of successful operations against various law enforcement entities and corporations, including ManTech, IRC Federal, Booz Allen Hamilton, dozens of Texas police departments and Arizona law enforcement officials.