Doxed Barrett Brown looking for a safe house

Posted by Trent Nouveau

Barrett Brown, the self-appointed "face" of Anonymous, has been doxed by a group of enigmatic hackers.

Brown apparently believes his personal information was splashed all over the 'Net by unnamed ex-military personnel who perceive him as some sort of danger to national security.

Doxed Barret Brown looking for a safe houseAlthough being doxed is quite an unpleasant experience, it typically isn't considered life-threatening.

That is, unless you happen to be Barrett Brown, who is most likely being tracked by the infamous Mexican Zetas Cartel.

So perhaps it is somewhat understandable that Brown wants to leave Dallas, Texas and search for an anonymous safe house somewhere on the east coast in New York City or Boston. 

Yet, according to FrontBurner's Tim Rogers, Barrett is looking for help to purchase his plane ticket - despite the fact that he just clinched a very lucrative book deal with Amazon for a cool six figures.

But Brown says he won't receive his advance money for another month, at which point the Zetas are likely to be hot on his trail.

Don't worry, though, Barrett is promising to repay any and all contributors when the book money rolls in.

As TG Daily previously reported, the book is titled "Anonymous: Tales From Inside The Accidental Cyberwar," and was penned by Barrett Brown with Gregg Housh.  

Choosing Amazon as a publishing partner was certainly a somewhat surreal decision for Team Barrett, as the Seattle-based corporation was roundly criticized for kicking WikiLeaks off its servers in December after succumbing to pressure from none other than Sen. Joe Lieberman.

But, says Brown, he's absolutely willing to let bygones be bygones - for the right price, of course.

"This [deal actually] made it better," claimed Brown.

"The fact that Amazon is now providing money to me and Housh, [well], they're going to help us get our message out."

Barrett can be reached at

Update: A number of reports indicate that OccupyDC has paid for Barrett Brown's ticket.