Anonymous kicks off "Free Topiary" campaign

Posted by Trent Nouveau

Cyber activists associated with Anonymous have kicked of a "Free Topiary" campaign to fund future operations and help 18-year-old Jake Davis who faces multiple hacking related charges in the UK.

"Jake Davis is perhaps the greatest digital graffiti artist of all time. He wrote many lulzy press releases for both Anonymous and Lulz Security. He proved his value as a spokesperson by taking on Shirley Phelps of Westboro Baptist, slaying her hateful religious zeal with over 9,000 sins," Anonymous stated in an official communiqué.

"[Topiary] brought lulz to the oppressed. He spoke in a voice that resonated globally and reached us personally. We are sick of the twisted corporatocracy that controls us through our government, our news media, and our Internet. Jake Davis may face jail time, but he publicly spoke of this in the most noble of terms. A jail sentence is, to him, not a failure of any sort."

As noted above, the group is asking digital supporters to show solidarity with Topiary by making a donation to Anonymous via BitCoins.

"If we were criminals, we'd be rich. But you know that's not the case. [And so] you can donate [to us via] BitCoins," the collective stated on its AnonymousIRC Twitter account.   

"And should Topiary be in need, rest assured that all Bitcoins donated will go his way. You [may] have sailed beneath the horizon, yet [you will] always [be] remembered. We will meet again, old friend. Promise."

The Anonymous activists also reiterated it was impossible for any government to "arrest an idea," warning "the more you arrest, the worse" it will get.

"Not only you cannot arrest an idea; you can neither contain it, nor censor nor silence it. We, the people, are silent no more. [Remember], the ones you arrested and charged are your protesting citizens.

"[So] in the name of democracy, let us all unite... @FBIPressOffice, etc: Hard to believe for you, but we are NOT you enemy. Find out why and fix this planet!"

Anonymous kicks off "Free Topiary" campaign
Predictably, Anonymous activists participating in the AntiSec movement have remained relatively unfazed by the recent crackdown against the group; as they continue to conduct hack and extract ops despite the obvious and increased risk. 

"Some still wonder why we are not worrying. It is bigger than us all. Individuals do not matter, #AntiSec will move on. We [really] are not scared anymore. Everybody involved knew exactly what [they were] getting into. And we will continue until all battleships are sunk.

"Yes, we steal data. From governments and their contractors. We know it's illegal but we honestly believe it is legitimate. We wish it was not so, but we HAVE to break the law to make a change. The laws need to change otherwise no dice. Should this account become silent, you, FBI, may book a victory. [Still], with every day that passes, we store more of your secrets."