Hacker scorns Sony over attempted hire

  • A red-faced Sony has reportedly attempted to hire a prominent hacker in an effort to secure its electronic devices from modders and jailbreakers.

    Unsurprisingly, Koushik Dutta - who was the first to hack Motorola's Xoom tablet - rejected Sony's advances.

    "I appreciate that you reached out to me. The opportunity does sound very interesting!" Dutta wrote in an official e-mail reponse.

    "However, due to Sony's recent treatment of a fellow hacker, George Hotz, I could not in good conscience work at Sony."

    After posting the above-mentioned letter on Twitter, Dutta urged the hacker community not to "sell out," and instead, to "take a stand" for their online rights.

    In other Sony-hacking related news, graf_chokolo (aka Alexander Egorenkov) confirmed Sony had once again managed to secure the Playstation 3 with its recent firmware update.   

    "Fail0verflow made a mistake by saying that PS3 will never be secure again," graf_chokolo wrote on his blog. 

    "And Sony proved them wrong. Sony knows a lot more about their system than any PS3 hacker."

    Egorenkov also emphasized that he had "never stolen" data from Sony.

    "All my work is based on the knowledge that I reversed on my own. I didn't steal it, so I own it and can share it with anyone I want to.

    "And I chose to give it to the community for free... Just because I bought a PS3 from Sony doesn't mean they own me and are allowed to say what I can and cannot do with my own PS3.”