Raytheon builds smart bombs for drones

  • Raytheon has successfully tested a new weapon specifically designed to be fired from an unmanned aircraft system (UAS).

    The Small Tactical Munition bomb - which weighs in at 13-pounds and measures approximately 2-feet long - features a dual-mode, semiactive laser seeker along with a GPS-inertial navigation system.

    As such, the small, yet advanced STM is capable of engaging both fixed and moving targets around-the-clock, regardless of weather conditions.

    "Current combat operations [in Afghanistan] have highlighted the need for extremely small, precise weapons that are optimally designed for remotely piloted aircraft," explained Raytheon VP Bob Francoi. 

    "STM is part of a portfolio of weapons that meets the warfighter's need in this area."

    He added that the defense company had flight tested a total of two STM weapons on two separate passes from a Cobra UAS.

    "The GPS-INS guided the weapons to a mid-course position where the semiactive laser seeker precisely guided the weapon to the target, achieving all test objectives."