SentrySafe shows off almost nuke-proof hard drives and data vaults

  • Las Vegas (NV) – Do you want to protect your data from dust, water and ohh maybe an occasional conflagration?  Well SentrySafe showed us their almost indestructible hard drives and data vaults which can withstand searing temperatures and up to 24-hours of complete submersion.  The aptly-named FIRE-SAFE Waterproof hard drives contain a Maxtor OneTouch 4 drive.  For owners of valuable DVDs, CDs and small USB drives, SentrySafe sells their Data Storage Chest which has a convenient USB connection inside.

    SentrySafe's FIRE-SAFE Waterproof drive 

    The Fire-Safe Waterproof drive contains either a 160 or 80 GB Maxtor drive and has a USB connection on the back.  The drive spins at 5400 RPM and uses 256-bit encryption.  While those specs are what we expect from a regular external drive, the unit’s survivability is what makes this thing special.  SentrySafe claims that the drive can withstand 1550 degrees Fahrenheit heat for 30 minutes.  The drive is also waterproof and dust-proof.  Here’s the kicker, if by some small chance the drive is damaged, SentrySafe will send it to a data recovery shop… for free.

    Data Storage Chest with internal USB connector 

    The Data Storage Chest is basically a portable safe that neatly holds DVD-sized discs.  Up to 60 CDs or DVDs can be stored and there’s also space for small portable drives.  The safe has an internal USB port so you can connect a drive and then lock the unit.  How’s that for protection?  SentrySafe also sells a storage chest without an internal USB port.

    Chest without connector 

    The Fire-Safe Waterproof drive sells for $340 for the 160 GB version, while the 80 GB model retails for $260.  If you want the Data Storage Chest, that will set you back $170.

    Don't you think this would be a great product for us to do a video review of?  I wonder if these things are bullet-proof.