Panda Labs warns of talking virus

  • Glendale (CA) - Computer users should be wary of a new virus that deletes important files and then hijacks the sound card to say "Your system files have been deleted.  Sorry."

    It's a new Trojan detected by Panda Labs, the company behind the fourth largest security software suite Panda Software.

    Users who catch the BotVoice.A Trojan will hear the phrase, "You have been infected.  I repeat, you have been infected and your system files have been deleted.  Sorry.  Have a nice day and bye bye," on a continuous loop while the virus attempts to wipe the hard drive clean.

    It does this by taking control of Windows text reader, so the voice is an anonymous synthesized source that already exists on the computer.  Panda says it deletes system files, then modifies the Windows registry and blocks any possible action to undo the damage.

    The virus can be obtained through peer-to-peer networks, external storage devices, or malicious websites.  Panda says owners of its software with TruPrevent technology are immune to the BotVoice.A Trojan.