iOS 6.1 flaw allows iPhone lock screen bypass

Posted by Shane McGlaun

Apple has faced a number challenges over the last year related to software errors and flaws on its flagship iPhone. 

For example, Cupertino's indigneously designed maps app was plagued with so many software issues that wary police in some countries were actually forced to warn hapless  drivers against using the application.

In addition, Apple has recently experienced various software issues with its iOS 6.1 update. Indeed, carrier Vodafone warned users to not upgrade to the newest version of the operating system. The problem? The update left a number of iPhone 4S users disconnected from the network, unable to make calls or send text messages.

Today, yet another iOS 6.1 related security problem is making the rounds: iPhone and iPad users running the latest version of iOS 6.1 can bypass the lock screen of their device - even if a password has been set.

The flaw is relatively easy to exploit and can be executed by simply pushing a few buttons in a specific sequence to bypass the password screen. While this might not be such a big deal for your average consumer who only wants to keep their kids from messing with their phone, it can be a huge problem for enterprise users that allows employees to bring their own iPhone or iPad  to work.

To be sure, bypassing the password could leave corporate networks vulnerable to malicious users. To make this flaw even worse, ZDNet reports that there is (currently) no known way to patch the flaw, barring an additional iOS update.