MXI Security gets government security certification for USB Drive

  • Los Angeles (CA) - What does it take to proof yours is the most secure portable USB drive on the market at the moment? A little bit of extra certification perhaps – that is what MXI Security seems to be thinking with its 16 GB Stealth MXP drive.

    MXI Security says this specific drive just received "FIPS 140-2 Level 2. validation.” This means the drive meets specific U.S. Government computer security standards for cryptography modules, including meeting requirements for “physical-tamper-evidence and role-based authentication.”

    The 16 GB Stealth MXP offers for security AES 256-bit CBC hardware encryption and authentication (biometric, password or both). It can work with up to five users and is designed to “protect an entire Operating Systems, or virtual workspaces, applications and confidential information for each user, dividing the memory evenly among the users provisioned for each device or allotting different-sized partitions according to individual needs.”

    MXI Security added this is reportedly the largest capacity USB drive of its kind to date.