Shipments of PC-related chips expected to grow 20%

Despite a slow start to the PC market's high season, PC-related chip designers still expect that orders from OEM clients will rise significantly in September, driving shipments up 20% for the third quarter, industry sources indicated.

100 million websites by the end of this year?

The Internet continues to grow at an impressive speed. According to a survey conducted by Netcraft earlier this month, there are currently 88,166,395 sites available - 2.87 million more than last month.

Google tests more accessible Web search for blind

Google has begun testing a new version of its search system that makes finding information on the Web easier for the blind or visually impaired, its creator said on Wednesday.

Powered shoes - perfect for a virtual stroll

A pair of motorised roller skates that cancel out a person's steps could let users naturally explore virtual reality landscapes in confined spaces.

A battery-powered plane takes off

In a brief article, the Agence France-Presse (AFP) reports that a manned plane has flied on AA batteries in Japan yesterday.

Flaw finders lay siege to Microsoft Office

Responding to a steady influx of flaws in the company's Office productivity suite has occupied many of Microsoft's programmers since late 2005.

Sharp eying 10G LCD production

Sharp will invest 500 billion yen (about $4.26 billion) to build a tenth-generation (10G) TFT LCD plant, with construction to begin in the third quarter of 2007 and volume production to begin in mid-2008, according to the Japanese-language Nihon Keizai Shimbun.

Pricing trend shows growing acceptance of DDR2

The recent rally of DDR2 pricing, especially for effectively tested (eTT) chips, may portend the the growth of DDR2 penetration in the channel, rather than only in the PC OEM segment.

HP's develops grain-sized memory chip

Hewlett-Packard researches announced that they have developed a tiny memory chip that could bring data storage capabilities to virtually and product.

LED backlights to penetrate notebook market

LED backlights introduced by various TFT LCD panel and backlight unit (BLU) makers where on display at various flat panel display exhibitions this year, such as Finetech Japan & Display 2006 (April 19-21), Computex 2006 (June 6-10) and FPD Taiwan 2006 (June 14-16), according to research firm WitsView Technology.

Flash drives may replace hard drives in notebooks - analyst

Despite their lack in capacity and lofty price tags, Flash hard drives may become a serious threat for traditional hard drives in notebook computers. In-stat analyst Frank Dickson believes that solid state disk (SSD) storage may "dethrone the hard drive as the top laptop storage choice within 10 years."

Quo vadis, Viiv?

Santa Clara (CA) - Entertainment PCs have been available for some time, but don't penetrate the market as quickly as some would have hoped. AMD and Intel launched their entertainment platforms earlier this year to speed up the adoption of family room PCs - apparently with little impact so far. It's time for an update: We spent some time with Intel VP Don MacDonald to chat about the status of "Viiv."

NTSB investigating laptop batteries as the cause of UPS cargo plane fire

Washington (DC) - Laptops get hot, but can they cause a plane to catch on fire? The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) is investigating whether laptop batteries caused a UPS cargo plane to catch on fire last February. The DC-8 plane with three crew members made an emergency landing at Philadelphia International Airport after a fire broke out in the cargo hold. The fire continued to burn for four hours destroying the plane and most of the UPS packages inside.

Microsoft and Yahoo marry their instant messaging clients

Some instant messaging addicts won't have to keep multiple chat programs for too much longer. Microsoft and Yahoo are testing new chat clients that let MSN Messenger and Yahoo Messenger users talk to each other. The combination would, according to Microsoft, form the largest instant messaging community and eclipsing the current king of the hill, AOL Instant Messenger (AIM).

US Government to send emergency broadcasts to computers and mobile phones

The Federal Emergency Management Agency has unveiled a new program to send SMS and other alerts to mobile phones and computers. The Digital Emergency Alert System will also include radio and televisions stations - the traditional avenue of emergency broadcasts. Mobile phones will receive SMS messages while computer users will se a video message along with downloadable instructions.

Job seekers may be beseiged by their online past

Recruiter and hiring managers are increasingly eliminating job candidates because of negative online information found on social networking sites, blogs and forums. ExecuNet, a job search and recruiting company, polled 100 executive recruiters and found that more than a third of recruiters have eliminated a candidate based on dirt they dug up online.

Firefox attains nearly 16% US usage share :OneStat

Web analytics firm OneStat published figures last Sunday claiming the combined usage share of Firefox and Mozilla browsers has climbed to nearly 13% worldwide, and almost 16% in the US.

MySpace more popular than Yahoo, Google

There are few who doubt the massive popularity of social networking website, but a new study released by a web analytics firm may surprise some.

Ricoh develops dual-format HD laser

The battle between Blu-ray and HD-DVD to control the high-definition DVD market could be solved by a laser that can read the two competing formats.

A chat with Michael Dell: Alienware and XPS to stay separate

  Grapevine (TX) - While custom PC builder Alienware may benefit from the much-increased purchasing power of its new corporate parent, Dell Computer, the development tracks of the two companies will remain separate.