In-Stat predicts iTunes may offer HD versions of Disney movies in 2007

In-Stat has released its annual predictions for 2007, saying iTunes is likely to provide high-definition (HD) versions of Disney movies for "download-to-own," as HDTV programming will be will be available via broadband Internet.

Online video sales to reach nearly $1.5 billion in 2007

Online sales of TV shows, movies and other pre-recorded video will become a billion-dollar business in 2007, according to a recent report from technology research firm Strategy Analytics.

Is iTunes slowly dying?

Forrester Group recently presented the results of a 3 months study about digital music sells on Apple's iTunes, and the conclusions don't look that good for the Cupertino-based company.

Fuel-cells and Hybrids steal the spotlight at the Los Angeles Auto Show

Cars shows are usually about who has the meanest, fastest and in recent years the biggest cars. But at this year's Los Angeles Auto Show the greenest cars are taking the spotlight. Companies are showing off fuel cell concept cars along with their old hybrid vehicles. General Motors even announced the first ever plug-in hybrid vehicle.

Myspace pummels Yahoo in online ranking

Chicago (IL) - Continuing the upswing trend for Myspace, while ringing in more bad news for Yahoo, Comscore's latest Internet rankings show the social networking site topping the former search leader for the first time. In November, Comscore reports that Myspace received 38.7 billion page views in the US, compared to 38.1 billion for Yahoo. This marks a 300% increase for Myspace from a year ago, while Yahoo's growth has been stagnant.

What you will see at CES and MacWorld

The Consumer Electronics Show is coming up in a few short weeks (Jan 8-11). It can be a very depressing show because it effectively showcases just how much of the stuff you got over the holidays will soon be obsolete. Apple isn't at CES but won't make its customers sleep well either: The company is expected to announce a bunch of new products during MacWorld (Jan 8-12).

Non-Vista-supporting motherboards and VGA card inventories now a headache

With Windows Vista up and coming, makers of motherboards and VGA cards are now worried they will incur losses from their inventory of low-end products that do support Microsoft's new operating system (OS), according to industry sources.

Thermal modules to get a boost by Vista

Thermal modules will see a boost in revenues next year when Microsoft's Windows Vista operating system (OS) heats up the market with high-performance and higher-power-consumption systems, according to market observers.

Weather inquirers prefer cell phone over PC

According to a new study by MobileWeb Metrix, which tracks trends among mobile Internet use, more users are looking up weather information from their cell phones than from a notebook or desktop PC.

Prices for 32" panels to fall below $300

Prices for 32" panels may fall below $300 to $290 in the third quarter of 2007, with quotes for 40" panels to also drop to nearly $500 during the period, according to Displaybank.

Nation's energy grid could power almost 185 million electric cars

A Department of Energy report shows that the U.S. energy grid could support up to 185 million electric or hybrid cars. The department believes a switch to the newer vehicles would clean up the environment and could even improve our national security situation by reducing the need for imported oil.

Research team shows off potential flash memory successor

San Francisco (CA) - A joint team of scientists from IBM, Macronix, and Qimonda today announced details about a new phase-change memory chip, which they claim marks the next step in finding a successor to the universal flash memory format. The non-volatile memory is estimated to be about 500 times faster than Flash, while using less than one-half the power to write data into a cell.

Strong demand sustains worldwide growth for storage software market

The worldwide storage software market experienced its 12th consecutive quarter of on-year growth in the third quarter of 2006 with revenues of $2.5 billion, representing a 10.7% on-year growth, according to International Data Corporation (IDC).

Launch of 65 nm CPUs rings in new round of AMD retail price drops

Chicago (IL) - Last week, news of the unveiling of AMD's Quad FX platform coincided with prices for virtually all of the company's existing processors decreasing. This week, the company introduced its first 65 nm X2 processors, which caused average retail prices to slip across the board.

Mozilla puts up alpha version of Firefox 3.0

Chicago (IL) - Mozilla fans still starry-eyed from the recent release of Firefox 2.0 can already get a glimpse at what the next version of the browser will look like, as an alpha version of Firefox 3.0 has recently been uploaded to Mozilla's public FTP server. Screenshots of Firefox 2.0 ...

Fuel cell technology not ready for rapid commercialization?

Mass adoption of notebook-use direct methanol fuel cell (DMFC) systems may start in 2010-2011, said Kamal Shah, mobility enabling initiative manager of Intel's mobile platforms group, on the sidelines of the Taiwan International Small Fuel Cell Application Technical Forum organized by design and engineering startup Antig Technology and its supporters this week in Taipei.

Built-in 3/3.5G may be next big thing in notebook market

Communications chip suppliers are eying the huge business opportunities promised by notebooks with built-in 3/3.5G modules.

Web site count climbs past 105 million

105,244,649 web sites populated the Internet at the beginning of December, according to report released by Netcraft.

Apple is taking a big bite out of the environment

Apple may be the leader in the market of MP3 players, but in the world of environmental friendliness, the company holds an entirely different distinction. According to Greenpeace, Apple is ranked dead last on the scale of green electronics, failing to make virtually any accommodation to lessen its output of electronic waste.

Intel, TSMC report progress towards 32 nm

According to Digitimes, both Intel and TSMC are making great strides towards a 32 nm chip-making process.