CES 2007: LG puts "aggressive" sticker on 71" plasma TV

LG said that it has lowered the price of its flagship 1080p TV - a 71" plasma unit.

CES 2007: VoodooPC to show off AMD's Quad FX with 18 ft. screens

Being part of Hewlett-Pack hasn't made VoodooPC lose its flair for the dramatic. The enthusiast computer maker plans to unveil its eagerly awaited systems featuring AMD's new Quad FX processors at CES 2007 this week.

CES 2007: Toshiba to offer 1080p HD DVD player for $600

HD DVD continues to undercut the overall price structure of Blu-ray: Following the recent release of a $1000 1080p HD DVD player, Toshiba today announced a $600 device that is capable of taking advantage of the full 1080p resolution of HD DVD video content.

CES 2007: Keep the bad guys away with full disk encryption

You trust your hard drive to always serve up your data, but how do you keep the data away from the bad guys? Seagate seems to have an answer with an upcoming drive with full disk encryption. The drive works by signing data with encryption keys and by injecting additional code into a compatible Trusted Platform Module computer.

CES 2007: Netgear refreshes Zetera-based NAS

Netgear has announced a new version of its "Storage Centrol" NAS, adding gigabit Ethernet capability.

CES 2007: New HD media player from Netgear

Netgear has announced its Digital Entertainer HD (EVA8000), a UPnP AV / DLNA networked media player supporting up to 1080p video via its HDMI 1.1 port.

CES 2007: Netgear intros standalone Skype / PSTN DECT phone

Netgear today announced its Dual-Mode Cordless Phone with Skype.

CES 2007: LG to roll out dual-format Blu-ray/HD DVD player in Q1

LG Electronics has announced its much anticipated dual-format high-definition video player at a press conference preceding the official opening of the CES 2007. The Super Multi Blue Player will be available in the first quarter of this year for $1200, the company said.

Get into the hotseat: CES 2007 Unveiled - slideshow

CES Unveiled is the first official event for journalists who want to get an early peek at what will be on display on the CES showfloor. We took our camera and were dazzled by the array of new products - including the new generation of UMPCs, Asus' external graphics station, 16-core computers, interactive toys and - remember, it's CES - new LCD TVs.

CES 2007: LG jumps into iPod accessory land with ultra-cool deck

LG is showing off its 2007 range at CES, with the usual gamut of 42" TVs and other such paraphanalia to eat up cash during the year. More interesting, however, is the touch-screen Micro DVD shelf system they showed us at Unveiled.

CES 2007: Nobint Falcon showcases 3D touch device - think a mouse, only better

The surefire way to find a decent product at CES Unveiled is to look out for the nice innovation award plaques displayed on tables. Nobint Falcon was one such company able to wear their badge of honour with pride as they showcased their 3D touch device - basically a 3D mouse which also manages to convey a sense of real touch.

CES 2007: Even Duracell is in the iPod accessory market now

Ohh Christmas and a banana, even though Macworld is a bazillion miles away we can't escape the ubiquitous iPod accessories here at CES Unveiled in Vegas.

CES 2007: A full keyboard for a normal sized phone

Digit Wireless showcased what could potentially be one of the widest disseminated products to come out of CES 2007 at the Unveiled event last night.

CES 2007: Asus shows off external graphics for notebooks

Asus's big product at CES Unveiled was their XG Station, an external graphics solution which turns a run-of-the-mill notebook into a gaming machine.

CES 2007: Shure tries to be more consumer friendly with sane-priced quality earphones

The upper-crust of earphone design is to be found coming from companies such as Shure; who sell high-quality noise cancelling, in-ear, headphones for which you can drop up to $500 for the pleasure of owning.

CES 2007: 3D gaming, surround sound, and waterproof accessories

Need to transport your Xbox 360 console to a friend's house but don't have a roller suitcase that will fit the system? No problem, Atlantic has you covered with Gaming on Wheels. Want to carry your PlayStation Portable or DS Lite in the pouring rain without damaging it? You can do that, too, with GameSEAL.

CES 2007: Linksys gets into the consumer NAS game

Ads in the current version of PC World provide a peek at some of the products that Linksys may announce during CES.

CES 2007 Slideshow: Terabyte, hybrid HDD and beyond

One of the first major events at CES 2007 was the Storage Visions 2007 Conference, which focused not only on hard drive technologies, but featured an interesting exhibit as well: Join us to see Hitachi's Terabyte hard drive, Seagate's hybrid hard drive, Sandisk's solid state disk, HP's external HD DVD drive and a very effective disk crusher.

CES 2007: Want wireless Internet access at CES? Then pay $400.

Many attendees of CES 2007 experienced a rude awakening Saturday when they discovered that The Venetian/Sands Expo Center was offering Wi-Fi access - for the outrageous price of $399.95 for two days.

CES 2007: Growing pains at the Consumer Electronics Show

CES 2007 has taken off with the first major tradeshow event for the media- CES Unveiled. Most sane journalists are sitting in the press room already bemoaning the size of the line and just how big and unwieldy the show is.