Carbon nanotubes could replace copper as heat dissipating material in electronics, researchers say

Troy (NY) – Heatsinks are essential in many electronics devices, including computer systems, to dissipate heat that is generate from various kinds of chips. Researchers from the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and the University of Oulu in Finland have developed a heatsink from carbon nanotubes, which they claims is as efficient as copper, but much more durable as chips get smaller and smaller.

Fuel cells can be recharged in hydrogen-spiked air

British scientists outlined a method to recharge “biofuel cells” in air that contains a slightly elevated levels of hydrogen. Prototype version of such fuel cells have been built already and point towards a relatively inexpensive rechargeable fuel cell technology.

TG Daily Reachability, Update

The  hardware upgrade of TG Daily is making progress and we are expecting to avoid any further outages starting Thursday morning.

Yahoo accidentally gets blacklisted by filtering service

Internet users running Websense, a filtering service that blocks out potentially harmful sites, found themselves unable to use Yahoo earlier this week.

Web designer pulls cyber prank on John McCain

After Web designer Mike Davidson realized images from his server were being used on John McCain's Myspace page, he decided to pull a small political prank.

Yahoo to rival Google with unlimited e-mail storage

In yet another attempt to steal some users back from Google, Yahoo has announced that it will begin offering unlimited e-mail storage for free later this spring.

Police seeking YouTube video stuntman who skied down escalator

Police in London are looking to talk to a Norwegian man who posted a video on YouTube of himself skiing down 300 feet on Europe’s longest escalator at Angel Underground Station in the city.

Synopsys says 45 nm tools to be available in H2 07

As the semiconductor industry is preparing 45 nm production, electronic design automation (EDA) player Synopsys has indicated that the company should deliver concrete development progress for corresponding tools in the second half of 2007.

Many Americans don’t care about the Internet :survey

Popular websites likes YouTube, eBay and MySpace are visited daily by millions of Americans, but according to a new survey released by Parks Associates, many American households could care less about the Internet.

Reachability of TG Daily

TG Daily has gone through some outages today, due to an unexpected surge in traffic.

PS3 Folding@Home hits nearly 40,000 users in three days

Almost 40,000 PS3 owners have connected to Stanford University's Folding@Home project, boosted by the launch of the console in Europe and other areas of the globe.

TG Daily v2 live now!

Finally, here we are! After months of testing, the redesigned TG Daily is now online. Easier to navigate, easier to read, easier to communicate and, yes, there are a few new features as well.

Microsoft to shut down Soapbox temporarily over piracy concerns

Microsoft is temporarily closing its video sharing site while it implements stricter anti-piracy screening.

Digital downloads push CD sales down 20%

Sales of CDs in the US for the first three months of 2007 were 20% less than the same period last year..

Quiet and early departure for Airbus A380

Los Angeles Airport (CA) - The Airbus A380 made a quiet departure from Los Angeles International Airport last evening. Scheduled for an approximate departure time of 7:30 pm, the world’s largest commercial plane left early at 6:20 pm citing that the crew completed pre-flight preparations earlier than expected. Throughout the evening, approximately 500 spectators lined up along the south side of LAX on Imperial Hill in hopes of seeing the A380 depart for its 12 ½ return flight back to Toulouse, France – home of Airbus headquarters.

Movie Gallery to become newest Netflix competitor

Rental chain Movie Gallery announced this week that it has plans to enter the arena of online DVD renting.

Anti-Hillary Clinton mashup hits one million YouTube views

A new Hillary Clinton mashup video has received more than a million views on YouTube, underlining a new trend for political campaigns.

CBS shoots the NCAA to YouTube

Bringing March Madness to the online video forefront, CBS today announced a new advertising partnership with Pontiac to bring NCAA game highlights to YouTube.

Will HD DVD be dead in one year?

Hannover (Germany) - The battle between the HD DVD and Blu-ray camps has gone into a new round at Cebit - with HD DVD promoters touting the formats advantages and almost claiming victory over Blu-ray, while a Sony executive told TG Daily that he expects the format war to be over within one year.

Samsung debuts UMPC with mobile broadband

Hannover (Germany) - Following Microsoft's Origami campaign last year, we expected a world-changing mobile PC - and were disappointed by a product that was too large, too slow, too expensive and lacked important wireless features. Samsung has redesigned its Q1 for 2007 - and believes that the Q1 Ultra will fill the Q1's gaps. But we still have the impression that UMPCs remain half-baked products.