Super Bowl ads going to MySpace

Fox and MySpace are teaming up to offer Super Bowl ads on the popular social networking site.

Buyer skips out on record eBay bid

The buyer who bid nearly $10 million dollars for a replica of the famous General Lee from the Dukes of Hazard has disappeared.

Spike Lee enters YouTube competition game

Actor, director, and frivolous litigator Spike Lee has teamed up with an Irish Internet company to kickstart a new online video service.

PDP demand shows slowing down trend

EchoStar fights back against negative Comcast ads

In an inverted scene of the Time Warner vs. DirecTV battle earlier this year, satellite operator EchoStar has issued retaliatory remarks to Comcast ads that claim cable picture quality is better than satellite.

Asahi Glass reports rising FPD glass sales in 1Q07

VoIP telephony market to top 25 million US households by 2012

Acer to push desktop PCs in consumer market

Microsoft to bring new TV shows to MSN

Microsoft is increasing its presence in the online video market, with an announcement this week that it has signed a deal with a production company for new web-only shows on MSN.

LG cools off with HDTV refrigerator

At an event in Las Vegas, LG Electronics today unveiled a refrigerator with a built-in HDTV, fixing the previously mutually exclusive combination of getting food and watching Legally Blonde in HD.

Demand for WVGA 7" digital photo frame panels estimated to exceed one million units in 2008

Scientists double the capacity of rechargeable lithium batteries

New research results presented today could bring companies such as Intel much closer to that goal of offering notebooks that achieve a battery running time of 8 hours and more.

TBN, History Channel, Discovery to move to HD space

Today was a big day for news about new high definition TV channels, with announcements and reports of six new networks headed to HD.

Wal-mart stores going solar

The world’s largest retailer Wal-Mart is converting some of its stores to solar power.

15% of Americans without Internet or cellphone

Despite the continued rapid expansion of networked devices, there remains a substantial share of Americans that so far has not yet taken advantage of technologies such as the Internet or cellphones, according to a new report published by the Pew Internet & American Life Project.

Architectural trade show hits Second Life

Last year's American Institute of Architects (AIA) expo was held in Los Angeles. This year it's expanding to the virtual world of Second Life.

High school student arrested for posting YouTube murder hit

16-year-old Matthew Pacelli hates math and hates his math teacher even more.

European GPS rival transmits first navigation data

Bangalore (India) - Galileo, a European project that aims to create a civilian global navigation infrastructure, has reached a major milestone as the European Space Agency (ESA) today reported that the Giove-A satellite has transmitted the first navigation message.

Barack Obama shuns biggest MySpace supporter

Barack Obama's campaign team has ignited a bit of a fire on MySpace, after they kicked out the man who started up Obama's online profile.

India working on $10 laptops

The ambitious one laptop per child (OLPC) project may actually have some competition, thanks to an Indian alternative that wants a price tag of $10 for each computer.