Sony NEC Optiarc Blu-ray Disc burner may be pricing reference

Scientists develop UV LEDs made from nanowires

Researchers at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and scientists from the University of Maryland and Howard University claim to have developed a technique to create tiny, highly efficient light-emitting diodes from nanowires that could be used in light-based nanotechnologies, including data storage.

EPA needs to act now to face nanotech risks, says report

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) needs to step up to the plate and start making changes for the 21st century in order to keep the environment clean, urges a new report from former agency assistant administrator J. Clarence Davies.

Facebook opens arms to developers

Facebook, the number 2 social networking site with 24 million users, is opening up to developers in its Facebook Platform program.

Carnegie Mellon takes new approach to speed up Internet book scanning initiative

Pittsburgh (PA) – Students at Carnegie Mellon University believe to have found a solution to one of the major bottlenecks in an initiative that aims to make transform books, newspapers and other printed materials into digitized text that is computer searchable. Words that are not recognized by scan software are used for passphrases on websites – enlisting the help of Internet users to accelerate the initiative.

G8 attendees urged to fight child predators online

At the G8 Summit in Germany, eight of the most prominent countries in the world have called on the private IT sector for help in combating cyber crimes, especially those that harm children.

MySpace still tops according to study

MySpace is still the overwhelming favorite among social networkers, according to market research firm Hitwise.

Global HDD storage industry to more than quadruple capacity shipped by 2011

The Departed becomes first dual HD format movie to sell 100,000 copies

Warner Home Video announced today that its Best Picture Oscar winner, The Departed, has sold more than 100,000 copies on Blu-ray and HD DVD.

Online advertising reaches record high in 2006

Internet advertising climbed to being just shy of $17 billion last year, and the industry shows no sign of slowing down.

Turner Classic Movies moves online

Mixing classic films with new technology, Turner Broadcasting has launched a new online portal that lets users watch TCM content for free.

20-story building for sale on eBay

The historic 20-story Heritage Tower is for sale on eBay.

GE to show off hybrid locomotive

General Electronic will be unveiling its prototype hybrid electric diesel locomotive in Los Angeles Union Square tomorrow.

Update: Vista not really helping PC sales, says report

Although Microsoft wants consumers to believe that Vista has reinvigorated the computer market, research firm In-Stat says it really has no impact at all.

Bloomberg wants all hybrid taxi fleet by 2012

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg has announced a plan to turn all taxis in the city into hybrid vehicles by October 2012.

China to let bloggers use pseudonames

The Chinese government has backed away from a plan that would have required bloggers to register their real names and information.

Illegal music downloading on a downward slope: report

A new survey from the Business Software Alliance (BSA) shows that downloading of pirated content among teens has been cut drastically over the past three years

Yahoo rumored to buy Bebo

According to Internet rumors, Yahoo is eyeing social networking site Bebo for a $1 billion dollar buyout.

Avis adds WiFi service

Avis has begun offering wireless Internet to rental car customers, via a portable device that acts as a mobile hot spot.

Staples opens up computer recycling

Staples customers can easily recycle their empty ink cartridges and old cell phones, and now they can do the same with computers.