Energy Department invests $375 million into biofuels

The U.S. Energy Department will be investing up to $375 million dollars into biofuel research over the next few years.

Transparent transistors pave way to future displays, scientists say

Researchers at Purdue University have created transparent transistors and circuits that could be integrated in future displays, such as head-up displays in windshields as well as e-paper that would be able to playback video.

Google: Doubleclick purchase to benefit smaller companies

Google's announcement that it planned to acquire digital ad service Doubleclick in April raised some eyebrows, and now Google is explaining its decision in more detail.

Online radio stations protest government decision in day of silence

In a move to protest higher royalty fees established by the Copyright Royalty Board, hundreds of Internet radio sites have shut down their broadcast operations today.

Fred Thompson hits online scene in a big way

While every presidential candidate has opened up a presence on the World Wide Web, Fred Thompson has been the most active recently.

iTunes hops to third place in music sales

Amazon and Target fell from their positions last year to bring the digital iTunes store to third place on the music sales charts in Q1 2007.

Police bust MySpace-profiled drug gang

Law enforcement agents have busted a Framingham Massachusetts drug gang that sold more than a kilogram of cocaine a week on city streets.

Citizen journalists get around Chinese censorship

Chinese citizens are risking jailtime and worse for reporting on police beatings and government corruption.

Hitachi develops mind over matter

Scientists at Hitachi can now move matter with their thoughts.

Free satellite tracking software poses threat to satellites, researchers say

New York to Paris in 4 hours with upcoming supersonic business jet

Paris (France) – Reno-based Aerion Corporation is trying to line up buyers for an upcoming super-sonic jet that can fly at Mach 1.6 speeds.  The company’s chairman Robert Bass was at the Paris Air Show trying to drum up support and buzz for the Aerion Small Business Jet (SBJ) which can ferry eight to twelve passengers from New York to Paris in four hours and 14 minutes.

United Airlines says human error caused departure system failure

A computer glitch that caused several hundred United Airlines flights to be delayed and cancelled was caused by a single employee.

What Formula One tells us about the tech industry

Every year for the last four, I’ve had the privilege of attending races at the famous Brickyard, otherwise known as the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Once again, this year it was interesting how you can draw parallels from racing into the tech market.    

Computer virus takes out Bangkok airport’s x-ray machines

Officials at Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi International Airport are blaming a computer virus for disabling 17 baggage scanning machines.

Computer crash causes United Airlines to delay/cancel hundreds of flight

A crash of the departure system computers belonging to United Airlines stranded thousands of passengers on Wednesday.

Scientists demonstrate room-temperature nanolaser

DVD burners expected to remain dominant ODD tech until 2011

Blue-laser expected to take up 20-30% of ODD sales volume in 2010

iSuppli upgrades 2007 PC shipment forecast

Mysterious man buys Airbus A380 as his private jet

A very wealthy man has purchased the gigantic Airbus A380 as his private jet.