NASA buys space toilet for $19 million

NASA has purchased a Russian-made toilet system for $19 million dollars.

Scientists develop heat transistor that someday could cool chips

The cooling needs of tomorrow's semiconductors, those which keep pace with Moore's Law, will grow to extremes. There are costly new materials solutions which indicate Moore's Law will continue for the foreseeable future. But what if we had the ability to channel heat wherever we wanted it to go via electrically controlled transistors?

Boeing to ‘debut’ its 787 Dreamliner

Boeing will be rolling out its upcoming 787 ‘Dreamliner’ plane this Sunday in a special non-flying debut.

Scientists demonstrate magnets that can control the color of a liquid

An iron oxide water-based solution has been discovered which changes color under varying magnetic field strengths. The solution works at extremely small scales and would be suitable for displays as well as new applications.

New display turns up the heat on LCDs

Hubble telescope captures starburst

ESA has published stunning imagery of a star formation nearly 12.5 million light years away. Scientists were able to capture the stellar fireworks through the Hubble space telescope in the dwarf galaxy NGC 4449, which has been forming stars for thousands of millions of years. According to ESA, the current unusual explosive and intense activity “qualifies as a starburst,” meaning that at the current rate, the gas that feeds stellar production would run out in about 1 billion years.

Drug could banish bad memories

Canadian and American scientists have developed a drug can erase bad memories.

NCSA: A look inside one of the world's most capable supercomputer facilities

The north campus of The University of Illinois in Urbana is home to one of the most powerful and long-running supercomputer facilities in the world. The recent Top 500 list has all five of their primary workhorses listed. Three of them were even in the top 100 with Abe debuting at #8. To walk by the facility you would have no idea what's going on inside. But it's the centers like this which shape much of science and industry. Many believe they even hold the keys to understanding the very nature of our universe.  

Yahoo introduces behavior-based ads

Yahoo has launched “SmartAds” display advertisements which target customers based on what they search for and where they are located.

Video Test

Video Test

Scientists working on first species transplant

Scientists at the J. Craig Venter Institute appear to have successfully done the first species transplant by taking the DNA from one bacteria and implanting it into another.

Worldwide PC shipments to increase 11% in 2007, says Gartner

Google adds reroutable directions to Maps

Getting directions in Google Maps has just gotten a lot smarter.

AOL merges e-mail with instant messenger

People still using an AOL e-mail account can now chat with AIM (AOL Instant Messenger) users from their inbox, thanks to a new Web-based beta application from the Time Warner-owned company.

Microsoft testing massive 500 MB online storage service

Microsoft is holding closed beta testing of its upcoming Windows Live Folders service that gives users 500 MB of online storage space.

Study shows fastest, slowest Web speeds

Google and Yahoo beef up picture galleries

Google and Yahoo are dueling it out by adding new features to their respective picture albums and galleries.

American Medical Association wants implantable RFID chips

Doctors could be implanting RFID chips into your bodies, if the American Medical Association has their way.

Internet TV revenue to grow nearly 14-fold by 2011

Google opens up maps to non-profit orgs

Google is helping out non-profit organizations by giving away its Google Earth Pro program to qualifying organizations.