Touch screen panel components facing tight supply

Average Internet user now streams 2.5 hours of online video per month

Around 75% of Web surfers watched online video during the month of May, each taking in an average of over two hours.

A space suit Angelina Jolie could love

Traditional space suits are big, bulky and quite frankly not very sexy, but that could change if Dava Newman has her way.

Internet grows to more than 125 million sites

There is no slowdown in sight: The Internet keeps growing at an accelerated pace, adding 20.4 million new sites in the first half of this year, according to web analysis firm Netcraft.

Microsoft patent shows new way to organize windows

Seattle (WA) - Microsoft has filed a patent application that takes a new look at how to manage and organize active applications on a computer. The patent talks about "A way to manage windows for a plurality of tasks in a display is to represent windows with images smaller than the windows and place the smaller images off to a side of the display."

Trends in the PC space: HP’s iPhone-like PC, Gateway does color, Dell starts war against crapware

Analyst Opinion - While many of my peers were watching the battle between consoles and PCs this week and were wondering, like me, if Sony has lost the console war, we’ll save a console discussion for the future. Today, we’ll focus on what’s new in the PC market.

Commercially viable organic solar cells expected to be available in two years

An international team of scientists has developed an organic solar cell that achieves 6.5% efficiency. While this figure is notably less than today's non-organic solutions (which reach efficiencies in excess of 40%), the teams' research has finally blasted past the 5% barrier for this type of solar cells.

ASRock receives large-quantity delivery of RS600 chips from AMD

Samsung maintains dominance in global TV market in Q1 07, says iSuppli

Pakistan to become a new hot PC market?

Consumers want Internet-connected TVs, says iSuppli

Photoswap: A new idea for editing images

Pittsburgh (PA) – Graduate students at Carnegie Mellon University have developed two tools that leverage the vast image resources available on the Internet. Their tools allow users to quickly and easily create custom, professional looking images, and with little technical know how. The application has grown out of scientific research designed to analyze qualities found in images for the purposes of tagging them with meta data.

SDSC to make on-demand supercomputing available

The National Science Foundation (NSF) will soon begin allowing the San Diego Supercomputing Center (SDSC) to immediately allocate its resources in the event of an emergency. If, for example, an earthquake or other disaster takes place, these emergency jobs will be kicked off right away, providing researchers (and the public) with a fast, clear view of the event's impact.

Petrochemical companies jumping into polysilicon production

Taser goes high-tech with a “wireless” bullet

Chicago (IL) – Taser goes new ways with a non-lethal bullet equipped with a microprocessor and battery that deliver an electrical charge via electrodes to incapacitate criminals.   In Pictures: Taser unveils wireless bullet (14 slides) ...  

China develops new search engine technology with information about you

The Chinese government has a long standing policy of censoring its Internet population. Decisions to remove content from search engines by companies like Google, for example, have been front page news. Still, those imposed limitations have not stopped scientists there from creating new technologies, which are designed to provide the foundation for more accurate searches.

Boeing unveils assembled 787 jet

Boeing today showcased the first assembled 787 Dreamliner jet in an unveiling attended by about 15,000 people. >> In Pictures: Boeing 787 Dreamliner

NASA delays mission to asteroid belt

Broadband's digital divide widened over past two years

Although broadband penetration among minorities has risen significantly in the past two years, it still can't catch up to the growth in other demographics.

Digital music sales soar 50% above last year

Over 417 million songs were purchased online in the first half of 2007, nearly double what was seen during the same time last year.