PC market on track in 2007, says iSuppli

Performance and mobility requirements to boost SSD market above $5 billion in 2011, says IDC

Humans still tops in poker

Two professional poker players beat their silicon-based counterparts in the world’s first official “Man versus Machine” poker tournament.

Intel develops high-speed silicon laser modulator

Intel today said that it has developed a laser modulator with a bandwidth of 40 Gb/s. What makes this device - it actually exists as a packaged prototype product – special is the fact that it runs within silicon and not relatively exotic and expensive materials that have enabled 40 Gb/s speeds before – such as lithium niobate and III-V compound semiconductors.  

UC campuses to test Toyota plug-in hybrid cars

Students and researchers at two University of California campuses will soon get to test out plug-in hybrid car prototypes from Toyota.

CNN Youtube debate a hit among young viewers

Monday night's presidential debate featuring questions from Youtube users broke viewership records among the 18-34 age group.

MusicNet gets DRM-free licenses for over a million songs

Adding its voice into the new revolution for online music, MusicNet announced today it has acquired licenses for over one million songs that it plans to sell as straight MP3 files.

Qantas to upgrade planes with wifi, power

Australian airline Qantas is upgrading its fleet to include both wired and wireless Internet access and laptop power ports in most seats.

Harvard alumni sue Facebook for stealing their idea

Three former Harvard students have filed a lawsuit against Facebook, claiming the founder of the social networking site stole their intellectual property.

Large-screen monitors becoming second TV option in homes

MIT researchers demonstrate spark-free, efficient engines

Cambridge (MA) – MIT researchers have developed a fuel-efficient car engine that doesn’t use a spark to ignite fuel.  The homogeneous charge compression ignition engine (HCCI) combines elements from standard spark ignition and diesel engines.  Researchers say the engines cut pollution and improve fuel economy by several miles per gallon.

Google buys aerial image specialist ImageAmerica

The latest addition in Google's acquisition pocket is ImageAmerica, a company that takes high resolution aerial images around the country.

Production of $100 laptop begins

After a couple bumps in the road, the One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) initiative has begun its path to helping children in impoverished nations.

Ask.com will let users search the Web anonymously

While Google is still reeling from Internet privacy debates, Ask.com has swooped in to offer a new service that won't keep track of user searches.

AMD market share holds firm

Even though AMD lost a lot of money last quarter, it managed to keep Intel from cutting deeper into its market share.

Sales of flat-panel TVs remained flat in May, PMA says

Chinese hit record as 162 million users go online

China smashed its record by the end of the first half of 2006, closing in on the US as the world's biggest population of Internet users.

U.S. PC sales grow 7% in Q2 2007

The United States helped raise PC shipments in the second quarter by 12.5% compared to last year.

TG Daily Special: Leaving Redmond, WA in 24 hours

This is the first install of what will be a periodic, ongoing series on how migrate from Microsoft's Windows to other Operating systems. This first article provides insight in the much discussed Ubuntu Linux.

Google gets more aggressive in print advertising

Google's tepid entry into the world of physical advertising has now reached more than 225 newspapers.