Shortage of 14.1" widescreen notebook panels grows

Samsung working on workout phone with Adidas

Samsung has teamed up with sportswear company Adidas to create a new phone that keeps track of burned calories and the user's heartbeat.

Florida voting machines show problems

Following an alarming report about the security of California's electronic voting machines, a new study shows Florida's systems still need some work too.

CompTIA survey declares Internet Explorer as "most influential" tech product

According to a survey conducted by the Computing Technology Industry Association (CompTIA), Internet Explorer is the "most influential technology product" of the past 25 years.

Cell phones save patient during surgery power outage

A team of mobile phones became a makeshift light source over the weekend when the power went out during an emergency surgery.

Printer particles as bad as cigarette smoke – study

Australian researchers have found that exposure to ordinary printer toner can be just as hazardous as cigarette smoking.

AMD regains x86 processor market share

A new report released by Mercury Research indicates that AMD is bouncing back in terms of market share. Most interestingly, the research said that AMD’s gains are not so much based on the fierce price battle with Intel, but on the fact that it had a product mix better suited to the market requirements in Q2.

iTunes reaches three billion song downloads

Apple announced today that it has reached its three billionth song download over the digital music store iTunes, averaging over 50 downloads per second since January./div>

LCD panel makers continue transition to widescreen in monitor segments

Deceased MySpace members immortalized on “DeathSpace”

MIT scientists create “robofin” for future submarines

MIT scientists are taking a cue from nature and are developing a robotic fin that could be used on future submarines.

Google joins Sprint to set up WiMax network

The #3 US cell phone service provider has joined forces with #1 online advertiser to delve into a new project that expands both companies' presence in the wireless Internet market.

Congress fears chaos with digital TV transformation

During a Congressional meeting this week to discuss the looming change-over to all-digital TV, many Senators expressed concerns that much of the country is not adequately aware of the transition.

Boeing’s blended wing body aircraft up in the air for the first time

Chicago (IL) – Boeing has test flown a new airplane concept that is designed to reduce noise and fuel consumption, but will not be available in this and most likely not even in the next decade.   In Pictures: Boeing X-48B (7 images)  

BJ's Wholesale to back Blu-ray exclusively

According to trade publication Video Business, East Coast wholesale club BJ's plans to get rid of its entire HD DVD selection from all 170 retail stores.

DisplaySearch lowers LCD TV shipment forecast for 2007

Explosion kills three at Scaled Composites

An explosion at Scaled Composites – the makers of SpaceShipOne which won the Ansari X prize – has killed three people and left four critically injured.

Blu-ray format leads adoption of next-gen DVD players in the U.S. - analyst

Thursday turned out to be a big news day for Sony and its Blu-ray format: Following an announcement that Target would go with the Blu-ray format, a market research firm published a report, which indicates that the high-def pendulum is swinging in Blu-ray’s direction.

Sony: Target says yes to Blu-ray, no to HD DVD

Following in the footsteps of video rental chain Blockbuster, Target has decided to only stock Blu-ray Disc players, passing on rival format HD DVD.

Bill Gates sees processor clock speeds to top out at 10 GHz

Less than a year from his previously announced departure from the company he co-founded, the Bill Gates today outlined his vision and opportunities for Microsoft.