NCSA on track to build petaflop supercomputer

The National Science Foundation (NSF) received notice today that the National Science Board (NSB) has approved a resolution granting the NCSA receive funding to build a petaflop supercomputer at their facility in Urbana, Illinois.>> In Pictures: A look inside the NCSA 

Siggraph 2007: 2objet’s prototyping printer whips up wrenches in minutes

San Diego (CA) – Three dimensional printers have grown up and are now popping out complicated objects in mere minutes.  At the Siggraph convention in San Diego, we saw 2object’s Eden260 printer blaze away, making plastic wrenches in front of awed spectators.  Watch our video to see the printer in action. The Eden260 lays down layers of non-toxic photopolymer acrylic.  Objects with walls as thin as .6 mm can be created and the printer has a resolution of 600, 300 and 1600 dpi in the x, y and z-axis respectively.

Siggraph 2007: Arc Science’s man-sized globe of light

San Diego (CA) – We’ve all seen paper and metal globes in schools and libraries, but Loveland, Colorado-based Arc Science has them all beat with its man-sized OmniGlobe.  Starting at a cool $50,000 the OmniGlobe displays pictures and video with internal projectors.  Check out our video for a look at this amazing ball of light.

Virgin America kicks off with first US flight, under lousy conditions

North Amercia's newest airline, Virgin America, is now officially in the air as its first cross country flight took off this morning, although weather problems made for a bumpy debut.

Study says Internet more popular than newspapers

Though newspaper advertising is still the biggest market in the ad world, a new study shows the traditional medium is taking a beating in cyberspace.

Apple gives 10 GB of online storage to .Mac users

Apple has updated its online network to allow more entertainment sharing features, giving each user up to 10 GB for an annual fee.

GPS technology can ease joint-replacement surgery

Qualcomm loses ability to enforce two patents

89% of Americans want text-and-drive ban, 57% say they do it anyway

Around nine out of ten Americans think it's dangerous to text while driving, even though more than half say they have committed the offense.

Apache quickly surrenders web server market share to Microsoft, Google

Apache continues its rapid decline in web server market share. While Microsoft has reached a new record high in the segment, Apache also has to deal with advances of Google and has lost almost 10 market share points during the first seven months of the year.

Tickets for Virgin America's first flight go for $5400

San Francisco (CA) - A seat on Virgin America's inaugural flight from New York to San Francisco did not come cheap for the winning bidder of an eBay auction that ended yesterday.

Copper to still be strong in broadband networks, says iSuppli

LED-based notebooks expected to see strong demand despite pricing issues

Samsung power outage affects 35% of NAND flash output

Production outages at certain Samsung fabs, taking out 35% of the global NAND wafer output, may actually turn out good for the market as a whole.

Four-year project yields virtual beer

Advances in computer physics are bringing stunning simulations following natural particle behavior onto the screen. One of the newest tricks achieved is virtual beer, which will be poured into a virtual graph during a demonstration at the upcoming Siggraph tradeshow and conference.    

Report: The average PC holds 880 MP3 files

Approximately three gigabytes of storage is taken up with MP3 files on the average PC in the US, according to a new report from Comscore.

Chemical engineering team can see race, diet, gender of someone from fingerprint

Scientists believe face recognition tech can protect your identity

Houston (TX) – A research team at University of Houston believes that a new, reliable approach to face recognition is able to tackle the growing threat of ID theft. The group of the school’s Computational Biomedicine Lab (CBL) has come up with a complex technology that promises to correctly detect more than 99% of individuals.

Worldwide broadband subscriptions to exceed 536 million mark by 2011, says Strategy Analytics

Pricing of 17" LCD monitor panels expected to remain strong through Q4, amid supply cuts