Supercomputer facilities maturing rapidly, embracing teamwork

Many scientific advances are observed through a form of Internet haze. It makes it difficult to visualize or appreciate the nuance. The happenings in San Diego this very day are worthy of much more appreciation than might outwardly appear.

Volvo rethinks the hybrid car

Volvo today unveiled its "ReCharge Concept", which could be a first glimpse at tomorrow's commuter car. Other than the hybrid vehicles today, the ReCharge uses the electric motor as the main engine and a combustion engine as support – resulting in a gas consumption rating that should easily exceed 100 mpg in everyday use.>> In Pictures Volvo ReCharge Concept  

Taiwan LCD panels makers migrate to 26" monitor production; CMO takes the lead

Fred Thompson makes presidential candidacy announcement online

At precisely 12:01 AM Eastern time today, Fred Thompson announced his candidacy for president, making history as the first to do so via an online webcast.

Yahoo purchases ad group Blue Lithium

NBC moves video download operations to Amazon

After refusing to renew its contract with Apple, NBC Universal plans to migrate most of its digital video offerings from iTunes over to Amazon Unbox.

Childhood dreams smashed to pieces: Cars that do not run on water

West Lafayette (IN) - A 40-year old research effort by Purdue University professor Dr. Jerry Woodall has produced the world's most efficient way of creating hydrogen.  And while Dr. Woodall's invention could be used to power hydrogen-based cars, the realities are that the energy required to do so makes it an impractical solution.  The dream of the car running on water has been derailed by the science-reality alarm clock.

TG Daily Special: The bleeding edge of 3D face recognition

fHouston (TX) - Scientists at the University of Houston are researching an advanced form of 3D facial recognition.  They're hoping to prove this technology powerful enough to serve as a foundational security component, one possibly working alongside other biometrics.  More secure than PINs, faster and easier than swiping a card, and less invasive than being thumbprinted, 3D facial recognition systems could be the security breakthrough which keeps us all from being chipped.

Thai pilots collide with hanger on Airbus A380 test flight

A brand new Airbus A380 collided with a hanger during a test flight by Thai Airways.

FBI DNA database seriously backlogged

Car battery upgrade offered from Texas startup

A patent filed by a local Texas company shows technology that would allow drivers to commute hundreds of miles without using a drop of gasoline.

YouTube returns to Thailand

Thailand residents can once again view their favorite videos on YouTube after the government and Google agreed to block any offensive clips in the future.

Australian customer ordered to pay back $12 million from banking glitch

An elderly man has been ordered to pay more than $12 million to a local bank after it was discovered he took advantage of an internal computer glitch.

Atom clusters could store thousands of movies, says IBM

IBM researchers today said that they were able to probe magnetic anisotropy in individual atoms, potentially opening the development of a new kind of data storage devices. In another announcement, the company unveiled a single-molecule switch that is expected to lead the way toward smaller, faster and more energy-efficient semiconductors.

Youtube to pay royalties to UK music group

Google's video sharing site Youtube has struck an agreement with the British MCPS-PRS Alliance to provide royalties to artists whose songs appear on user created videos.

Sony to kill off Connect music store, proprietary ATRAC format

Customers with an extensive library of songs on Sony's Connect store will need to act quickly before their collection essentially gets wiped out early next year.

Microsoft to acquire Parlano

Wi-Fi mesh networking faces slowing growth - In-Stat

Silicon Valley semiconductor industry retains dominant role - iSuppli

Disneyland welcomes Honda’s ASIMO robot