DARPA Urban Challenge: Axion Racing Interview

Westlake Village (CA) – With the DARPA Urban Challenge just over two months away, we are starting a series of in-depth and very technical interviews of the 36 semi-finalists.  Today we interviewed Bill Kehaly, the team leader of Axion Racing based in Westlake Village California.  You can call Axion a veteran of the DARPA races because the team has competed in the previous two desert-based Grand Challenge races in 2004 and 2005.  Kehaly says stereo vision, a PlayStation 3 and an armored Jeep are his main advantages in the upcoming urban race.

Single network card downed LAX computers

First it was a switch, then it was a router, but it now appears that a single malfunctioning network card was responsible for downing immigration computers at the Los Angeles International Airport over the weekend.

Inorganic dust found with properties of life

Physicists like to sit back in their comfy chairs and postulate about the possibility of life on other planets. They're always thinking about the "what ifs." How many hours of movies and television programming has been devoted to this very subject? Monster aliens from space and all that. It's just so much nonsense. And yet, maybe it isn't? An article in the New Journal of Physics has us asking that question very today.

TG Daily Special: The future of virtualization

In this final installment in our Virtualization series, we look at the future of virtualization. Let us be the visionary today, and describe the outlook of the technology - where it's headed and what impact it will have on the software and hardware of the future. The future of virtualization is upon us. Will the world be ready?  

Intel is getting more serious about phase change memory

The chip manufacturer will be dedicating more resources to the development of a new memory technology that is believed to be able to replace flash memory down the road.

Blu-ray movie sales smash HD DVD in first half of 2007

Sales numbers are in for the first six months of the year, and Blu-ray Disc movies outsold HD DVD at a 2-to-1 ratio.

Shortage of DVD components said to be emerging

DARPA Urban Challenge: Teams, cars and photos

DARPA’s mega robot car race is a little over two months away and here is an easy table of the 36 teams, vehicle names and car models.

Liverpool Philharmonic to perform live in Second Life

Microsoft ups free Hotmail storage to 5 GB

For the first time, Microsoft has passed Google in the race for free e-mail capacity, lifting its storage limit for Windows Live Hotmail to 5 GB.

Time Warner expands enhanced DVR service

Time Warner Cable is expanding a new service that lets users watch an entire show even if they tune in late.

Los Angeles Airport officials criticize feds over computer glitches

Los Angeles Airport officials are fuming over this weekend’s computer glitches at the airport and they are now placing the blame on the U.S. Customs agency.

Scientists develop flexible paper batteries

Troy (NY) - In a story which could easily be mistaken for science fiction, researchers at the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in New York have developed an amazing new energy storage device. Designed to operate from -100F to over 300F, it looks like a small, black postage stamp, but is actually a new type of flexible battery capable of providing enough electricity for the gadgets of tomorrow.      

Blu-ray "300" outsells HD DVD counterpart two-to-one

Despite a vast marketing campaign from the HD DVD camp for the multi-format release of 300, the Blu-ray version has dominated sales of the Warner Bros title.

Chip cooling: The answer is blowing in the wind

West Lafayette (IN) - Researchers at Purdue University have developed a leapfrog way to achieve better chip cooling. This apparently promising new solution more than doubles the air-based heat removal solutions seen in laptops and other small appliances today, paving the way for faster and more powerful consumer products. Desktops and mobile cooling solutions based on this technology could debut as early as 2010.

Computer meltdown strands thousands at LAX

Nearly 20,000 passengers were stranded on planes and area hotels at the Los Angeles International Airport after two computer glitches shutdown passenger screening systems.

Virgin America: Soothing lights, excellent entertainment system and comfy seats

30,000 feet between Los Angeles and San Francisco – An airline trip often means unhappy employees, dirty airplanes and a horrible back ache afterwards, but Virgin America seems to have solved all those problems.  There’s been a lot of buzz over the airline’s comfy leather seats, soothing “mood lighting” and content-filled entertainment system, so I took a ride to get a firsthand look.  

Hitachi develops 360 degree display technology

Tokyo (Japan) - Hitachi has developed a new technology that can take a static object and turn it into a hologram-esque moving 3D image. The "stereoscopic vision display" apparently takes an image from several difference angles directions and replicates the image in a three dimensional view.

DARPA selects 36 teams for the Urban Challenge qualifier

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) has selected 36 teams for the next phase in the upcoming autonomous vehicle Urban Challenge race.

Realistic fog sim comes without high-tech rendering

San Diego (CA) - Computer scientists at the University of California San Diego have created a new computer application to simulate fog without the usual lag of intense computations. Wojciech Jarosz, the Ph.D. student who led the engineering project, discovered a computational short cut to make rendering of obscured lighting situations a more streamlined and efficient process.