Yahoo spices up webmail with new features

Yahoo Mail now gives users a more advanced search filter, an easier contacts manager, and the ability to send instant and text messages from the webmail application.

Fermilab: Excursions into matter, space and time

Batavia (IL) -  TG Daily recently had an opportunity to visit the facilities of Fermilab, home of the Tevatron, currently the world's highest energy particle accelerator. Join us on a tour through a stunning world of machinery that accelerates protons close to the speed of light to help scientists research topics of matter, space and time.    

Sony powers Walkman with sugar “bio battery”

Tokyo (Japan) – Cue up the Matrix jokes because Sony has developed a biological battery that runs on glucose.  The so-called “bio battery” converts the sugar into electricity with the help of enzymes, oxygen and water.  Sony researchers proved the batteries work by stringing four of them together and powering a Walkman.  

Warner exec in charge of high definition DVDs steps down

Senior VP at Warner Home Video Steve Nickerson announced that he will step down, relinquishing his position as the highest profile movie studio executive who still supported both Blu-ray and HD DVD.

Prices for second-tier 42" LCD TVs to fall to $699 by year-end

Tight supply for 22" LCD monitor panels

Mobile blogs offer new opportunities for cellular operators, says In-Stat

ATM machine mistakenly spits out double the cash

Senior citizens spend the most time on the Internet – study

DRAMeXchange: DRAM and NAND flash prices both trend downward

Worldwide semiconductor revenues growth to slow down in 2007, says IDC

LAPD’s dart firing, license plate reading, video streaming car

Los Angeles police officers are riding in style with a new police car that’s bristling with cameras, computers and even a GPS projectile launcher.

Silicon-based rainbow lasers transmit at 40 Gb/s

Researchers at the University of California in Santa Barbara last year were able to create a silicon-based laser capable of emitting 4 ps (picoseconds) light pulses. This remarkable achievement broke past the silicon/laser barrier which had plagued scientists for decades. Its invention now also paves the way for electrically controlled silicon communication devices operating at speeds of about 40 Gb/s.

Google launches embedded mapping applet

Google announced today that it has launched a new embedded HTML code for Google Maps, allowing users to add a map to their website with a simple copy-and-paste code.

Wal-Mart moves into DRM-free music arena

Wal-Mart announced today that it has begun selling unprotected MP3 files at its online music store at prices that still undercut most other DRM-ridden tracks.

Will Ferrell gets keys to first Hydrogen 7 luxury sedan

BMW has launched its give-away of its previously 100 production-ready Hydrogen 7 cars in North America, Europe and Japan. 25 of those cars will make it to the U.S. and "selected" drivers - mostly celebrities – who will promote hydrogen technology simply by driving and being seen in those cars.      

US PDP TV sales of 50" class top 42" segment for the first time in 2Q07, says Quixel Research

Pyrolysis system to create bio-oil from poultry litter

Scientists from Virginia Tech announced that they are developing a portable pyrolysis unit that will create bio oil from poultry litter.

Sony to offer free nationwide recycling

Treatment for Internet addiction suggested

Is your computer mouse your first thought when you get up in the morning? Are you obsessed with email, MySpace or YouTube? A psychiatrist said that such behavior should be put on the same level with other extreme addictive disorders and be treated as such.