NASA develops a hot chip

Cleveland (OH) – NASA researchers said that they have designed and built a circuit chip that easily can sustain temperatures of 500 degrees Celsius (932 degrees F).    

Dell rebounding in the workstation market, says Jon Peddie Research

Music industry to launch "ringle" CD format for holidays

As another effort to breathe life back into the physical CD format, Sony has created a new standard that will incorporate single tracks with cell phone ringtones.

DirecTV drops HD channel for extra bandwidth

Even though DirecTV claims it will be able to carry over 100 high definition channels, it needed to bump TNT HD Sunday for high-def football programming.

John Edwards takes Texas in unofficial "e-Primary" vote

John Edwards raked in the majority of votes from 8,000 Texas Democrats who participated in an online preview of the state's primary election.

South Park WoW episode wins Emmy

Front row Synagogue seats for $1.8 million on eBay

Comcast subscribers lose service for "excessive" downloading

Several customers in good standing with Comcast have found themselves without Internet service because, claims Comcast, they "abused" their unlimited Web access.

Amazon looks more deeply at downloadable books

Amazon has been on the move with its downloadable music and movies recently, and now it's taking more steps with its e-book department.

Live video test – Viva Las Vegas!

During the year we go to dozens of conventions and conferences, but we’re going to test out live video streaming this afternoon.

Viacom announces online video plan for MTV Networks shows

MTV Networks announced today that it will launch two dozen new websites targeted at letting users view clips from shows like The Daily Show and The Sarah Silverman Program.

Microsoft and Siemens team up for in-car entertainment

Software giant Microsoft and consumer tech powerhouse Siemens have announced a partnership for car-based electronics.

MySpace addict to get her own dating show

Porsche showcases hybrid version of the Cayenne

Frankfurt (Germany) – Even performance car maker Porsche follows the trend to more environmentally-friendly cars and exhibits a hybrid version of its Cayenne SUV at the IAA tradeshow in Germany.  

Facebook to allow non-users to search for people

Facebook is raising privacy concerns again as it plans to begin letting anonymous browsers search for people in a community originally safeguarded by a users-only search policy.

Asustek Eee PCs to push down ASPs of notebooks, UMPCs and other portable digital devices

Verizon flubs FiOS installation almost burns down AP reporter’s house

Semiconductor researchers gaze at purple atoms

Madison (WI) - A company called Imago has developed a technology that can peer deep into the semiconductor landscape, seeing individual atomic placement of doping atoms like arsenic. The research being carried out by Imago will help companies like IBM push future process technologies beyond the hard limits seen today.

Facebook costs British employers $260 million a day

Boeing delays 787 Dreamliner

Boeing has delayed the maiden flight of its upcoming 787 Dreamliner jumbo jet for a few months.