A new energy crisis? CIBC forecasts oil prices of $100 per barrel

Spiral Frog gives free music downloads via ad support

A new music downloading service makes its debut today, offering free songs to people who are willing to cope with advertising and heavy DRM restrictions.

TG Video: Electric motorcycle inventor crashes at Wired NextFest - Updated video

The inventor of the “KillaCycle” electric motorcycle almost killed himself during a demonstration at the Wired NextFest conference.

Yahoo opens up social networking site

Yahoo has launched a beta version of Mash, its latest attempt at social networking.

Radio waves used to super-cool tiny structures

Ann Arbor (MI) - Researchers working at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) have discovered a way to use radio frequencies to cool very small objects.  Similar previous techniques have involved laser light.  The use of RF will help researchers push tiny machines toward ever smaller levels.

KillaCycle inventor just has scrapes and cuts

KillaCycle inventor Bill Dube says he doing just fine after crashing his electric motorcycle at the Wired NextFest fair in Los Angeles California.

Internet tops 135 million websites

'Kinky' bacteria motion could propel micromachines

Flaw in current DNA elasticity model found

DNA elasticity is a particularly interesting trait for scientist to observe. Could a recent discovery provide a new international standard for measuring pico-forces?

Fly a robot to the moon, get up to $25 million

Google is sponsoring the Lunar X Prize project, which will award up to $25 million for landing a robotic rover that can roam the moon's surface and send images, video and other data back to Earth. The second prize winner will get $5 million.

Spin doctors observe atomic rotation

Scientists have been able to observe and measure individual atomic spin, possibly paving the way for advancements in nanoscale quantum computers.

The development of SOI technology

Apple movie rentals coming soon

Trustplus, an online reputation that follows you

Should a good eBay reputation follow you into Amazon.com or even MySpace?  Trustplus, a startup based in Waltham Massachusetts, seems to think so and is developing a persistent online reputation score that functions much like the dreaded FICO credit score.

Paypal glitch tells Ebay sellers to ship to someone else

A glitch in Paypal's electronic auction payment service left some users receiving the goods from someone else's auction.

Digital photo frame market expected to surpass 42 million units in 2011, says IDC

Democrats to spar off in first Internet debate this week

The first official cyber presidential debate kicks off tomorrow as an interactive webcast to be broadcast on multiple sites.

IBM develops 100,000 dpi printing technology

Zurich (Switzerland) – Researchers at IBM's Zurich Research Lab have demonstrated a nanoscale printing technology which is believed to yield much higher resolution than traditional offset printers.

Man invents machine that burns salt water

An Erie, Pennsylvania man has developed a generator that can supposedly burn salt water.

Internet radio deals about to be made

The pieces of the legal puzzle surrounding Internet radio are finally sliding together as regulatory guidelines may soon be set.