Carnegie Mellon to participate in Google Lunar X-Prize challenge

Pittsburgh (PA) – William Whittaker, researcher from Carnegie Mellon University is taking aim at Google's recently announced Lunar X-Prize and its $20 million grand prize. Whittaker has already has built a next-gen lunar rover for NASA, also announced today.      

HP expects its notebook PC shipments to outgrow that of overall market

MTV to launch own social networking site

Viacom today launched a new social networking site under the MTV name, with the distinctive characteristic of being devoted to youth activism.

NBC doles out free TV show downloads

NBC has announced that it will begin offering free ad-supported downloads of its TV shows next month.

Buzz Aldrin still believes in big rockets and Mars

It’s been almost four decades since Buzz Aldrin walked on the moon, but the famed American astronaut still has a sparkle in his eyes for space travel. TG Daily got an opportunity to chat with Aldrin about his thoughts on the future of space exploration.

Mozilla remedies Firefox Quicktime flaw

Mozilla has fixed a critical bug that plagued the way Quicktime files interacted with its Firefox browser.

NASA looking to hire 10 to 15 new astronauts

New York election glitch causes zero-zero vote

A local election in Oswego County, New York suffered a technical glitch causing the outcome for town supervisor to end in a 0-0 tie.

:-) turns 25 years old today

Three simple keystrokes gave a college professor his mark in the history books and gave the world a new wave of digital communication.

USB 3.0 proposed

San Francisco (CA) – Intel announced the formation of the USB 3.0 promoters group, a consortium that aims to create a "superspeed personal USB interconnect."  

Former Boeing engineer claims 787 is unsafe

A fired Boeing senior aerospace engineer says the company’s upcoming 787 Dreamliner airplane is unsafe.

CBS says it is happy with iTunes pricing

One-third of social networkers lie about themselves

That online profile of a 21-year-old busty blonde may just have been written by a man, according to a British market research firm eMedia.

Yahoo tops Internet ranking for August

New Zealand tourism company doles out $320,000 for 24-hour YouTube campaign

Tourism NZ, a commercial tourist company in New Zealand, will pay a reported $320,000 to YouTube to be features on the site's front page for 24 hours.

Gartner says worldwide IT services market to grow 9% in 2007

Yahoo to upgrade e-mail service with Zimbra purchase

Yahoo has announced it will acquire Zimbra, a software company specializing in custom e-mail applications.

Sony supposedly selling Cell semiconductor unit

Sony is reportedly in talks with Toshiba to sell its high-end semiconductor facilities to Toshiba, including its much touted Cell processor.

New phase-change memory tech 1000x faster than flash, researchers say

Scientists at the University of Pennsylvania claim to have found a new non-volatile nanoscale memory technology that retrieves data 1000 times faster than flash, stores data for about 100,000 years and has the potential to scale into the terabit range.

“No cars for you!” – China encourages mass transit for a day