Microsoft enhances search engine

Microsoft has doled out a few changes to its online search portal that it hopes will help its current users stick with MSN and not hop on board the steam train known as Google.

Samsung maintains global TV lead in Q2, says iSuppli

New NBC shows pop up on iTunes

Despite a war of egos between NBC and iTunes, Apple has listed two new NBC shows as available to download from the digital store.

Gigapixel camera composites provide Google Earth-like panoramas

Pittsburgh (PA) - Scientists at Carnegie Mellon have taken the standard digital camera and expanded it into a panoramic image capture tool.  By using their assisted robotics and related software, the average digital camera can be transformed into a tool used to create breathtaking, navigable panoramas.

Google launches video alert app

Revolutionary aluminum composite stronger and lighter than carbon fiber

Delft (Netherlands) - Researchers at Delft University of Technology have created an aluminum composite material that is stronger than carbon fiber, costs less to manufacture, weighs 20% less and is immune to metal fatigue.  It is being billed as a material that could revolutionize the airline industries, saving $100 billion worldwide.

Best Buy puts up price disclaimer after legal probe

After a probe from the Connecticut attorney general, Best Buy has now put up a disclaimer at its in-store Web kiosks saying the online prices do not actually reflect what is on

Torrent site Demonoid temporarily shuts down, a popular site for trading illegal torrent files, has been down for over 24 hours.

Snow melting in Greenland accelerating

Greenbelt (MD) – A NASA sponsored study found that snow in Greenland is melting at an accelerated pace, potentially impacting the sea level and the Earth's energy budget how much radiation from the sun is absorbed by the Earth versus that reflected back into the atmosphere.

CD-ROM drives turned into portable lab kits

Valencia (Spain) - A team of research scientists have discovered a way to replace a very expensive laboratory device with only a slightly modified CD drive.  The result of the mod?  An inexpensive, portable laboratory scanner suitable for detecting various chemical compounds.    

Free phone calls in exchange for contextual ads

A San Jose-based startup wants to give away free telephone calls in exchange for a digital pound of flesh.

Global corporate climate change report released

The Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) today released its global corporate climate change report for 2007, indicating a trend that U.S. corporations have begun developing response strategies addressing the climate change.

NASA revises and updates its Lunar architecture

Starbucks ponies up 50 million free iTunes songs

Starbucks has announced it plans to give away free music downloads across its entire US chain to promote the coffee house's upcoming promotion with the iPod.

Personal safety a problem in ‘lifecasting’ – iJustine interview

Las Vegas (NV) – At first glance, Pittsburgh resident Justine Ezarik looks like she’s talking to herself as she eats lunch, drinks coffee and drives her car, but she’s isn’t insane, she’s part of a new legion of ‘lifecasters’.  Broadcasting their lives 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, you can think of these lifecasters as reporters that never go off air.  From mundane tasks like shopping in an electronics store to picking food for lunch, their actions are scrutinized, commented on and even criticized in chat rooms with hundreds and o

Robot car seeks to win traffic race

San Francisco (CA) - On the second floor of the West Moscone Center at Fall IDF 2007, escalator patrons were greeted with a specially modified 2006 Volkswagen Passat named "Junior".  The Stanford Racing Team has hopes this car win the 2007 Grand Challenge sponsored by DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency).    

Los Angeles tops in traffic delays – study

Traffic delays cause billions of dollars in lost revenue, according to a new study put out by the Texas Transportation Institute.

Thailand seeks court order to block YouTube again

The Thai government is trying to block new YouTube videos, the first action it has announced after lifting its ban on the site last month.

Prices for large-size LCD panel stabilize in H2 September

Folding@Home project crosses the petaflop mark

The medical research project's processing capacity is now at more than one petaflop, with 80% of that coming from participating Playstation 3 users.