Super foam inventor gets whacked by a shovel to prove a point

A new super foam promises to protect athletes from impact and its inventor proved the point by taking a full force shovel hit to the head.

Airbus A380 to buzz Wichita airport

Wichita residents will get a special treat tomorrow morning as the Airbus A380 jumbo jet will buzz the Mid-Continent airport.

Ozone Layer hole 30% smaller than last year

Scientists and researchers have been able to determine that the 2007 hole in the Ozone Layer is about 30% smaller than it was last year.  It currently measures a loss of 27.7 million tons compared to last year's record loss of 40 million tons.

Atomic coilgun developed, capable of slowing paramagnetic atoms and molecules for research

Austin (TX) - Researchers at the University of Texas has developed an atomic coilgun device which is capable of slowing down and stopping paramagnetic atoms and molecules for research.  Devices like this may lead researchers toward a better understanding of atoms, atomic interaction and even the very nature of matter by observing the very fast in a stationary manner.

Most data centers not prepared for new server technologies – Gartner

Gartner believes that more than 70% of U.S. enterprise data centers will not be able to simply transition to a newer generations of systems: Five years from now, power requirements of high-density data centers will outpace current requirements by a factor of two, forcing enterprises to rethink their data center strategy, the market research firm said.

Gold rings show first hint of true cloaking ability

College Park (MD) - Researchers at the University of Maryland have developed a cloaking device which can now hide objects in a much wider portion of the visible spectrum of light.  An observer could even see what's behind the object, just as if the obstruction wasn't there.  While not quite up to Romulan standards, the application does work in two dimensions and on very small objects.

Microsoft buys comparative shopping site Jellyfish

Microsoft has acquired, a comparative shopping portal that gives customers a share of advertising revenue.

Carbon nanotubes prove excellent heat transfer vehicles for silicon

West Lafayette (IN) - Researchers at Purdue University have discovered that carbon nanotubes can move the heat generated by silicon chips more efficiently and less costly than other methods.  By taking the heat from a chip and moving it to the metal casing more efficiently, our silicon based products (CPUs) can be pushed further.

LCD monitor and 32" TV panel prices to continue rising in October

Scientists considering radical ways to "fix Earth's climate"

Yahoo pokes new improvements into search

Following a sweeping upgrade at and recent enhancements at MSN Search, Yahoo has unveiled a new set of search improvements.

Joost 1.0 beta goes live

Joost, a YouTube competitor from the creators of Skype, has gone to version 1.0, edging its way to becoming officially off the ground.

Ebay conviction overturned for man who bought stolen goods

A controversial conviction has been thrown out for a man who purchased stolen goods from Ebay.

Boeing plans demonstration flight using Biofuel

Seattle (CA) - Boeing is exploring second-generation biofuel testing to identify renewable alternative fuel sources for aviation uses. A first flight of a biofuel-driven 747-400 passenger plane is scheduled for the second half of 2008.

Garmin, TomTom and Mitac considering mobile TV-support for PNDs, say chipmakers

911 glitch allegedly leads to death, lawsuit

A glitch at a local Pennsylvania 911 call center caused hundreds of calls to go unanswered and led to the death of at least one child, according to a recently filed lawsuit.

Spacecraft’s ion drive gets its day in the sun

Molecule-wide Carbon-60 nanowires prove great conductors of electricity

Pittsburgh (PA) - In the future, very small devices will require very small amounts of electricity.  Yet, how can future nanoscopic circuits at such levels be created?  Scientists have found at least one answer:  Carbon-60 nanowires.

Pudding Media’s free, voice-scanning, caller

San Diego (CA) – Last week we reported on Pudding Media’s free VoIP calling service that scans your calls to place contextual ads.  Luckily, we were shown a demo of the service in action at the Demofall 07 conference in San Diego yesterday and you can view the video below.

Microsoft Vista/IE 7 Flash video issues