Google, IBM sponsor parallel computing courses at universities

Following examples such as the one set by Nvidia, Google and IBM today said that they will be providing “hardware, software and services to augment university curricula and expand research horizons.”

New material breakthrough brings quantum computers one step closer

Florida State University researchers have discovered a new material which may become to quantum computers what silicon is to modern computers.

WiMax gains momentum as trials lead to deployments

Netflix sees stronger loyalty for HD DVD than Blu-ray: report

According to a new Internet tracking report, although Netflix's Blu-ray pages receive more hits, users are more likely to set HD DVD as their preferred format.

UPDATE #2: Scientist to create new lifeform from artificial DNA

Craig Venter, the U.S. scientist involved heavily in the effort to decipher the human genome, has made a startling announcement. He intends to create the first artificial lifeform made from man-made, or constructed DNA, made entirely from laboratory chemicals.  UPDATE:  Indiana University will soon be reporting findings on the damage done to aquatic ecosystems from a particular type of genetically modified corn.

Google Desktop gadgets crank their way to iGoogle homepage

Google has improved customization on its personalized homepage tool, allowing an entire slate of new gadgets to be added to the mix.

X-Wing rocket interview and in-flight disintegration

A scale replica of a Star Wars X-Wing fighter disintegrated in mid-flight after being launched in Plaster City California.  The ill-fated fighter was powered by four “L” class rocket engines and was fired straight up into the air.  It tumbled after approximately two seconds of flight and all four wings ripped off.

Leno, Domingo get keys to BMW Hydrogen 7

Panasonic promises to reduce CO2 emissions by 300,000 tons

Scientists looking to explain the superconducting pair: Electrons in love

Researchers at Argonne National Laboratories and Oxford University are on the verge of answering a big higher-temperature superconducting question.

Scientists construct a transparent plastic that's stronger, lighter than steel

Ann Arbor (MI) - Transparent aluminum has been the dream of many ever since it was first mentioned in a popular Sci-Fi movie a couple decades back.  But researchers at the University of Michigan may have done that one better.  It could almost be called "transparent steel".

PS3 Lair soundtrack goes on Apple's iTunes, not Sony's Connect

Sony has uploaded the soundtrack to its Playstation 3 game Lair on iTunes, and completely bypassed its own digital music store.

Electricity generating bacteria could provide power in developing areas

Boston (MA) - A team of students at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have developed a novel fuel source.  Bacteria feed on plant waste in an enclosed cylinder, providing enough electricity to power cell phones and other small devices.  Could this be an infinite power supply in the future?

Man jailed over automatic Facebook message

MySpace to let politicians and non-profits raise money

Jury deliberations begin in music downloading case

Yahoo, Ebay, Paypal form phishing-fighting pact

Three online giants have joined forces to protect users against fraudulent e-mail scams.

Physicists looking for ways to reclaim energy from automobile exhaust

A Clemson University physicist is looking for practical ways to reclaim energy lost as heat from internal combustion. Could save billions of gallons of diesel fuel per year.

Virtual worlds took in $1 billion in investments last year

A new study reports that in the past 12 months, over $1 billion was invested in the market of virtual worlds.

Students log onto YouTube for UC Berkeley lectures

After a round of laughing babies and dancing cats, users can turn their YouTube viewing to more educative purpose.