NBC and FOX finally launch Hulu, sort of

Hulu.com, a Youtube clone created jointly by NBC and Fox, has launched with a preview version today, allowing users to view legitimately posted clips of their TV shows.

Scientists grow nanowires reliably enough to create circuits

Gaithersburg (MD) - Researchers at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) have developed a reliable way to create nanowires just a few nanometers in diameter.  Previous efforts in growing nanowires commercially at this scale have met with significant limitations, especially when attempting to grow in a desired direction.  But now, NIST researchers believe they have found one solution which has been shown to accurately connect nanoscopic circuits.

Autonomous Prius rebels against its masters, burns out and crashes

Victorville (CA) – This could be world’s first autonomous burnout and crash of a Toyota Prius.  At the DARPA Urban Challenge qualifications in Victorville California today, the Golem Group's “Golem 3” bot ran most of its course smoothly, but after a computer glitch and code readjustment, it turned sharply left, burned out its tires and crashed into the curb.  The crash hurtled the car over and flattened one tire.

Axion Racing’s bot collides into chase car at Urban Challenge

So far the crashes at the DARPA Urban Challenge have been restricted between robots and concrete, but today we saw Axion Racing’s vehicle “Spirit” collide with a human-driven chase car.  Fortunately the driver was unhurt, but the Ford Taurus he was driving wasn’t so lucky.  The car now has a long gash and decent sized dent in the back-right quarter panel.

Sting Racing successfully repairs damaged bot

After several hours of work into the wee hours of the night, it appears that Sting Racing has largely fixed the damage caused during Saturday’s crash at the DARPA Urban Challenge qualifications.  The team’s robotic car had rammed a concrete wall at approximately 24 MPH which warped the front bumper sensor frame upwards.  We spoke with team leader and George Tech associate professor Tucker Balch about the repairs we also interviewed on video another team member Magnus Egerstedt.

Bots crash at the DARPA Urban Challenge

The first day of qualifications isn’t even over yet and two robotic vehicles have already crashed.

Qualification runs begin at Urban Challenge

Victorville (CA) – You can call it an elegant ballet of cars as the qualification runs for the DARPA Urban Challenge began today.  Robotic cars from 35 teams will now be driving themselves through three test areas trying to impress DARPA judges with their speed and obstacle avoidance skills.  Already several teams have completed their runs.

Researchers create battery powered yarn, it glows

Manchester (England, England) - It seems the Brits have developed a glow-in-the-dark textile yarn which runs on batteries.  The material is designed to be incorporated into jogger's clothes, cyclists, outdoor workers, and really anyone who has a need to be seen in the dark.

Sandisk holds party on the Sunset Strip for mobile memory

DARPA Urban Challenge: NC State/Insight Racing Lotus

While many of the Urban Challenge teams are using big SUVs, the team from NC State and Insight Racing are using a very low-to-the-ground Lotus Elise.  Bristling with lasers, cameras and of course a very good engine, the team hopes the car can speed itself to victory.

Urban Challenge: Opening Ceremonies

It’s dark and very early and it feels like I’ve already smoked a pack of cigarettes.  The DARPA Urban Challenge qualification round has kicked off amid a host of raging fires burning around Southern California.  Despite the horrible air quality, several hundred people showed up for the opening ceremonies led by Dr. Tony Tether of DARPA.

Scientists create most powerful antimatter beam

Raleigh (NC) - Scientists recently announced they have fired the most powerful antimatter beam ever created.  Comprised of positrons (antimatter electrons) emitted from a large plate and focused into a beam, the emission strength exceeds the previous record held by a laboratory in Munich, Germany.

GPS to go against radar in speeding ticket case

The son of a former sheriff's deputy will fight against a speeding ticket he received, after noticing his GPS log disputed the alleged speeding offense.

Murder suspect caught through gang’s MySpace page

Intel's first high-volume 45nm fab goes online

Darpa Urban Challenge – Let’s get ready to rumble

Victorville (CA) – In about 24 hours, robotic cars will be zooming around the former George Air Force Base in Victorville for the DARPA Urban Challenge and TG Daily will be covering the exciting event in force.  For the next six days, 36 teams from across the country – and several from Germany – will compete for 20 spots in the actual race to be held on November 3rd.  

iPhone receives full Apple developer support

Apple's developer program is now in full swing for the iPhone.  No longer are the canned apps which arrive pre-loaded in the iPhone its exclusive ledger domain.  Developers will soon build their own apps, and deploy them, all from one central location.

Carbon nanotubes used to demodulate AM radio signals

Irvine (CA) - Electrical engineers at the University of California Irvine have developed a 1.5 volt biased carbon nanotube receiver which can convert AM radio waves into sound.  The system looks like a laboratory experiment right now, but demonstrates the EM signal detection capabilities of carbon nanotubes in a very straight-forward way.

Apple expands Best Buy relationship, limits deal with Circuit City

After a rocky back-and-forth with Best Buy, Apple has announced it is happy with its current relationship with the electronics giant and will scrap efforts to build up its presence at Circuit City.

Quantum lasers reveal unprecedented nanoscopic details

Cambridge (MA) - Harvard scientists have developed a "quantum cascade (QC) laser nanoantenna" which is capable of scanning the interior of a cell with unprecedented detail.  While not limited merely to biology, this new device is revealing the world of the ultra-small in big ways.