Youtube rolls out anti-piracy filter

For countless months it has just been mentioned in passing, but now Youtube's anti-piracy technology is actually up and running.

Scientists make light bend over backwards

Princeton (NJ) - Scientists have engineered a new type of "metamaterial" which exhibits optical properties exactly opposite of those in nature.  Whereas light passing through naturally occurring materials has a positive index of refraction, this new material has a negative index.  This makes it bend the wrong way, or in the opposite direction to natural light.  This unnatural ability is being researched and could have profound implications to everyday life.

Jammie Thomas's attorney says $222,000 award is unconstitutional

The single mother ordered to pay nearly a quarter of a million dollars for sharing 24 songs is continuing her legal battle, asking the legal system to reconsider the verdict.

Forecast: Sex and marriage with robots by 2050

New Airbus A380 jet has double-sized beds

Airbus’ first delivery of its A380 jumbo jet wowed reporters with a feature never seen before on a passenger jet – a double-sized bed.

First Airbus A380 delivered

Giuliani prepared for alien attack

Space aliens beware because Rudy Giuliani will be prepared for your attack.  At a town hall meeting in Exeter, New Hampshire over the weekend the presidential candidate answered a rather strange question from a young boy, “If something living on another planet and it's bad and it comes over here, what would you do?”

Man involved in huge data theft loses five days of vacation

The man responsible for the biggest data theft in the state of Ohio has received his official punishment - five days of lost vacation.

Internet growing at record pace, Apache losing ground quickly

The Internet is growing on a faster rate than ever before and is quickly approaching a size of 150 million websites, according to survey results released by Netcraft. Apache remains the most popular software running web servers, but it is surrendering market shares to Microsoft and Google at a dramatic rate.

Google powers more than half of all global searches

Of the 61 billion searches in August, more than 35 billion of them were powered by Google, according to the latest data from Comscore.

Sharp anticipates meaningful pick-up in thin-film solar cell market in 2013

Student may be expelled for posting picture of school founder

A 23-year-old law student faces disciplinary action after he posted an embarrassing picture of the school's founder on Facebook.

ESA releases Cassini images of Titan’s lakes and seas

Paris (France) – The European Space Agency (ESA) has released new images of the lake and seas of Saturn’s moon and may provide new insight in the history of Earth and a time before life arose.    

Death row inmate executed after glitch prevents appeal

A Texas man was subjected to death by lethal injection after a computer glitch reportedly prevented his appeal from being filed on time.

IBM working with Second Life creator for "universal avatar"

IBM wants to create a new standard for virtual worlds, allowing users to create one profile for use in several different applications.

Mozilla makes headway in mobile browser market

Mozilla announced this week that it is ramping up efforts to bring Internet and software platforms to cell phones, including a mobile version of Firefox.

Apple iPhone misses top 10 holiday wish list

If you thought the iPhone was a safe bet among Americans for a most wanted Christmas gift, think again. A survey released today, the appeal of the fancy phone may have lost traction and is not part of the current top 10 and is ranked behind products such as laptops, digital cameras, the PS3 and HD players.

Google buys fresh instant messaging company

The latest addition to Google's massive acquisition portfolio is Jaiku, a Finnish start-up specializing in mobile and Web-based intant messaging.

Nobel Prize for Physics awarded for hard drive technology

Two European scientists share the 2007 Nobel Prize for Physics for discovering GMR, the technology which makes hard drives possible.

BitTorrent looks to legal video streaming

Notorious peer-to-peer service provider BitTorrent has shown a slide away from illegal practices in the recent past, and is taking that further with a new video streaming technology.