Playstation 3 lands Folding@Home in the record books

Guiness World Records has officially claimed Folding@Home as the most powerful distributed computing network in the world.

Fox officially announces "X-Files" movie sequel

Shell allows customers to pay for gas with fingertip

Shell has begun setting up test stations to allow customers to pay for gasoline by simply touching a biometric scanner with their finger.

Team Gray already looking past this Saturday’s Urban Challenge race

Victorville (CA) – While some Urban Challenge teams are just happy to be in the final race this Saturday, Team Gray from Louisiana is already looking into commercial and military applications for its proprietary blue “bot in a box” device.  According to team member Paul Trepagnier, the self-contained, rack-mountable, unit provides most of the software and hardware needed for autonomous vehicle operations.

Smooth run by Stanford’s robotic Passat cements team’s entry into Urban Challenge

Stanford Racing passed the qualification round and cemented a position in Saturday’s Urban Challenge race thanks to a very smooth and – as some would say – “boring” qualification run on Tuesday.  The team’s bot “Junior” methodically, quickly and smoothly made its laps around the track and easily avoided all the human driven chase cars.

Another scary run for Caltech’s ALICE bot at the DARPA Urban Challenge

Victorville (CA) – It seems like Caltech’s ALICE bot has a liking for human-driven chase cars at the DARPA Urban Challenge qualifications.  During one qualification run, the robotic minivan repeatedly went out of its assigned lane and veered towards the chase cars.  One of the human drivers even screeched his tires to get out of the way. Caltech was eliminated from the Urban Challenge qualifications yesterday.  

Update - DARPA eliminates eight more teams from Urban Challenge race

DARPA officials have just eliminated six more teams from any further qualification runs and the Urban Challenge race itself.  The eliminated teams are 1. Caltech 2. Mojavaton 3. Team Jefferson 4. Team Urbanator 5. Gator Nation 6. Team Juggernaut.

Team Gator Nation crashes at DARPA Urban Challenge

It was a good run, but Team Gator Nation was eliminated from the DARPA Urban Challenge qualifications the same day its bot crashed into a concrete wall.  The robotic Toyota Highlander drove out of the starting chute on Course B and just went straight into a “K-Rail” barrier.  Unfortunately, we arrived a few seconds too late, but our cameras captured the damage done to the bot.

Team Stanford shows off its secret sauce at the DARPA Urban Challenge

Victorville (CA) – At first glance the blue Volkswagen Passat looks like any other car, well if you excuse the spinning laser sensors, numerous corporate logos and a big white number “3” plastered on the driver side windshield.  But the windshield obstruction isn’t a big deal because this car from Stanford University doesn’t need a driver and from what we’ve seen at the DARPA Urban Challenge qualifications in Victorville this week, the robotic car “Junior” performs just as well – if not better – than most human drivers

HyperOffice gives free webware to companies hit by wildfires

HyperOffice has announced it will give a free 90-day subscription to its business collaboration software of the same name to any company affected by the Southern California wildfires.

Best Buy joins online video sharing game

Best Buy is trying to take advantage of the Internet video phenomenon, offering its own platform for users to swap home movies.

New catalyst increases efficiency of fuel cells 6x

Houston (TX) – Scientists from the University of Houston have developed an enhanced platinum catalyst for fuel cells that could become an important step on the path toward mass-market hydrogen automobiles.    

Golem Group talks about their bot’s crash

Members of the Golem Group team candidly told us what cause their robot’s crash during a qualification run at the DARPA Urban Challenge.  The “Golem 3” robotic Prius had been running qualification course A fairly smoothly until it froze up at a virtual stop sign.  When the bot was started up again, it veered sharply to the left and crashed into a curb.

Uruguay becomes pilot OLPC customer, orders 100K PCs

The Uruguayan government has become the first to place a mass order of "$100 laptops", purchasing 100,000 computers for children aged 6 to 12.

Six teams eliminated from the DARPA Urban Challenge

There are still two days left at the DARPA Urban Challenge qualifications, but officials are already eliminating teams because of poor performance.  DARPA has just told us that six teams have been eliminated and will no longer participate in any more qualification runs.  The eliminations will free up slots for the other more capable teams.

“First robotic car to hit a car driven by a human” – Axion Racing interview

While the DARPA Urban Challenge race could be the first time robotic vehicles drive 60 miles through a simulated city environment, one of the contestants is reveling in another first.  Bill Kehaly, team leader of Axion Racing, told us that he’s quite proud that his bot “Spirit” was the first robotic car to hit a human-driven car.

Caltech’s bot hesitantly runs through Urban Challenge qualification course

Victorville (CA) – Caltech, a powerhouse engineering university in Pasadena California, is going for DARPA gold at the Urban Challenge qualifications in Victorville California.  The school's “ALICE” van is bristling with laser units and a very unique tilting and panning LIDAR unit that some have called the “all seeing eye”.

Woman scammed QVC for $400,000+ in Internet glitch

A North Carolina woman has been found guilty of wire fraud after authorities found out she exploited a costly glitch on home shopping site

Golem Group Prius footage before the crash

Victorville (CA) – While crashes are probably the most spectacular things spectators and media have seen at the DARPA Urban Challenge qualification runs, smooth runs are equally amazing from an academic view.  Golem Group’s Prius crashed on Sunday, but smoothly completed seven laps around Test Area A before the wreck.

Sting Racing second follow-up

Victorville (CA) – Sting Racing’s bot “Sting 1” had another scrape with a concrete wall at the DARPA Urban Challenge in Victorville California.  The collision happened Sunday, one day after the robotic car spectacularly smashed into another concrete wall.  Team members say the damage from Sunday's collission was very minor and that the sensors were still functional.