Internet penetration reaches 80% of US adults

Yahoo Kickstarts new social networking platform

Yahoo has launched Kickstart, the latest in the online company's attempt to cash in with the social networking phenomenon.

Super-thin nanotube body armor promises to stop and deflect bullets

Bulky body armor and bullet-resistant vests could be a thing of the past, thanks to some innovative research by two Australian scientists.  Professor Liangchi Zhang and Dr. Kausala Mylvaganam from the University of Sydney say sheets of thin carbon nanotubes can stop and even deflect bullets without deformation.

UPDATE: Presidential candidate Ron Paul raises over $4.2 million in one day through online donations

San Antonio (TX) - In one of the most unexpected turn of events to take place in this U.S. presidential campaign, it seems the V for Vendetta fans have come out in force, making this a day of:  "Remember, remember, the 5th of November".  Republican presidential candidate Dr.

Tech Tour Terascale: Developing Terascale 2

Santa Clara (CA) and Hillsboro (OR) – TG Daily editor Rick Hodgin was able to catch up with Intel’s Terascale development teams in Silicon Valley and Oregon and get an update on the future of the company’s 80-core processor:  Terascale is evolving quickly into a system that can achieve 2.04 TFlops at 6.26 GHz in high performance mode or hit 1 TFlops at just 55 watts.

Tech Talk Terascale: TG Daily chats with Intel CTO Justin Rattner

Last week, TG Daily editor Rick C. Hodgin had the opportunity to sit down with Justin Rattner, Intel's CTO and senior fellow, for a one-on-one interview about Terascale and other future projects.  What's in store for the next version of this powerful parallel computing engine, Terascale 2?

Imus in the Morning to wake up viewers in high-def

Scientists develop radio 10,000 times thinner than a human hair

A group of researchers at the University of California, Berkeley have set a new miniaturization record by making a fully working radio from one carbon nanotube.

Two students charged with hacking into system, changing grades

If you ever have the opportunity to illegally change your grades, think of these two California students - they're facing up to 20 years in prison and a $250,000 fine for exactly that crime.

Tartan Racing (CMU) wins DARPA Urban Challenge

Victorville (CA) – DARPA has just announced that Tartan Racing from Carnegie Mellon University has won the Urban Challenge race.  Stanford Racing and Victor Tango finished second and third respectively.  The top three teams get $2 million, $1 million and $500,000 in prize money each and will undoubtedly receive numerous job offers in the coming months.

DARPA Urban Challenge Race Blog - update 1:56 PM

Victorville (CA) – DARPA URBAN CHALLENGE RACE BLOG Videos, pictures and articles covering the Urban Challenge Qualifications Posted 1:56 PM Stanford, Tartan Racing and Victor Tango have finished (in that order) the Urban Challenge race.  DARPA officials warn that the final results won't be known until tomorrow as the judges have to assess time penalties for traffic infractions. Posted 12:32 PM

Mac Minis, cardboard and house fans power Urban Challenge underdog Ben Franklin Racing

Victorville (CA) – With the DARPA Urban Challenge race just a few hours away, some teams are still patching together their cars for a potential destruction derby with other robotic vehicles.  Using pieces of cardboard, a pair of house fans and a lot of creativity, the Ben Franklin Racing Team from the Pennsylvania thinks they are ready to take on the competition’s more well-funded competitors.  Team member Jonathan Bohren told us some of the “low tech” secrets that the team used in their robotic Toyota Prius.

Scientists use public vacation pictures to create 3D model of an entire city

Chicago (IL) – Scientists from the University of Washington and the TU Darmstadt, Germany, believe that vacation pictures posted on sites such as Flickr could become the foundation for a new effort that aims to create a realistic 3D model of Rom, Italy.    

“We really don’t know what they’re going to do” – DARPA Urban Challenge head

DARPA’s top dog warns the media that the robotic vehicles in tomorrow’s Urban Challenge race will be unpredictable and will quickly get “random”.  “We really don’t know what they’re going to do,” said Dr. Tony Tether, but he assures everyone that safety will be the number one priority for both spectators and the crazy stunt car drivers who will get in the way of the robots.

Sharp reclaims top positions in North America LCD TV market - DisplaySearch

Explosive smartphone growth driven by new features and ease of use, says IMS Research

Shipments of GPS-enabled mobile handsets to more than quadruple by 2011, says iSuppli

DARPA Urban Challenge qualification highlights and gallery

Victorville (CA) – We know we’ve flooded you with video from the DARPA Urban Challenge qualifications so here’s a picture gallery of many of the bots in action.  Of course, we just have to include DARPA’s highlight video of all the interesting events from the past week. Pictures from the Urban Challenge qualifications ...

DARPA only allows 11 teams into the Urban Challenge

DARPA officials took a chainsaw to the remaining list of Urban Challenge contestants and are allowing only 11 teams into this Saturday’s race.  Dr. Tony Tether, the head of DARPA, said the decision was based mainly on safety and whether the robots would impede other vehicles from reaching their destination.  He added that Tartan Racing’s “Boss” bot performed the best during the qualifications.

Toshiba says Kmart will go to HD DVD exclusively

Toshiba has gone on record as saying that budget retail chain Kmart will not stock standalone Blu-ray players, opting instead to go for less expensive HD DVD devices.