Never bring a stun gun to a gunfight...

NIST issues public request for new SHA-3 hash algorithm

Physicists develop a quantum microscope that's 1000x faster

Ithaca (NY) and Boston (MA) - A physicist named Keith Schwab at Cornell University has given an old invention a new tweak.  By modifying the scanning tunneling microscope (STM) to incorporate a simple radio transmitter, the researchers were able to measure the electrical resistance at the tip of the device.  This new ability has yielded sampling rates close to 1 MHz, up from around 1 KHz previously.  The STM's new abilities can almost produce live video now, rather than just periodic still frames.

UPDATE: Scientists find a cure for global warming: hydrochloric acid

Harvard & Penn State researchers have devised a plan which can chemically pull carbon dioxide right out of thin air.  Will it be enough to please Al Gore?

Blades cut a wide swath through the server market, says iSuppli

Hackers implant malicious code on Alicia Keys Myspace page

Myspace appears to be a popular new vehicle for spreading malware, as professional artists find their profile pages being hacked.

Video – Space Style 2007, the Zero-G fashion show

Los Angeles (CA) - Instead of fashionably pink space suits, the first-ever Space Style 2007 fashion show featured bikini-clad models sitting on exercise balls and zero g wedding dresses. Although TGDaily expected more functional designs, models strutted down the catwalk wearing space-inspired dresses, jumpsuits, and bikinis. The fashion show was part of a larger effort to promote space tourism, which has become a very real possibility in recent years. 

Blockbuster tries to go digital in-store

There's a new twist in the revolving door of new Blockbuster concepts, this time including the implementation of digital download kiosks and stocking books.

DRAM makers see intensifying cost pressure on 70 nm 1 Gb chip production

Mobile gaming revenues fall in Q2 07, says iSuppli

Spinning laser maker is the real winner of the Urban Challenge

Getting first place in a car race is great, but imagine finishing in 1st, 2nd and 4th places.  No, it’s not impossible because at last Saturday’s DARPA Urban Challenge, Velodyne did just that.

Carbon nanotubes prove electrically flexible on 89% transparent substrate

    Jackson (MS) - Researchers at Jackson State University have developed an 89% transparent, flexible substrate material which is coated with conductive carbon nanotubes.  These are unique in that they remain excellent conductors of electricity even when the material is significantly flexed or bent.  Could carbon nanotubes be part of the solution which finally brings us roll-up displays?   

Coming soon: Google at the pump

Mountain View (CA) - Search giant Google will soon be powering full-color screens at thousands of gas stations around the country, to help motorists with driving directions. The deal also includes Gilbarco Veeder-Root, a gas retail product company, which will create the specially designed pumps to include an Internet connection and a proprietary version of Google Maps. Users will be able to use the built-in touch screen to find landmarks, hotels, hospitals, and other areas of interest as selected by the operators of each gas station.

Scientists find three new extra-solar planets, 850 light years away

LEDs poised to drive a new lighting revolution, says iSuppli

UPDATE: Phoenix announces HyperSpace: Instant-on computing for the masses

Phoenix is looking to ressurect the PC experience.  Instant-on computing, remote vendor support, applications which run outside of the OS.  Phoenix, it's not just a BIOS anymore.

World Community Grid picks up cancer research project

The World Community Grid, one of the major global distributed computing initiatives, said that it will add a Canadian cancer research project to its list of active research projects. Scientists believe that the grid of client computers around the world will complete the image analysis that would otherwise take up to 162 years in roughly two years.

Tech Tour Intel: Gainestown spotted in the microsurgery silicon debug lab

    Hillsboro (OR) - While on-site at Intel's Jones Farm facilities last week, TG Daily editor Rick Hodgin had the opportunity to tour one of the microsurgery silicon debug labs.  In this article, we'll present a virtual tour of everything involved in taking a silicon creation from design to finished product at Intel.    The facility

Green power supplies could dwarf all other power saving efforts

Indianapolis (IN) - How much of our input electricity is wasted as heat in the A/C to D/C power conversion?  Inefficient power supplies can be the single biggest component keeping our "green computers" from achieving their full levels of greenness.  A company called Marvell, a member of Climate Savers, has brought forth a new chip which addresses that power gap. Inverter technology

Nokia welcomes idea of Google mobile service