Japanese company to sell biped robot based on MS Robotics Studio

Blu-ray overpowers HD DVD three-to-one in Black Friday weekend

The first official weekend of the holiday shopping season gave a comfortable head start to Blu-ray in the high definition format war.

Objet to show off multi-material 3D printer

$100B global warming "fix" may not even work

The theory of ocean fertilization yielding huge algal blooms, thereby collecting carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and storing it on the ocean's floor once the agae dies, is losing steam.  It seems mother nature has revealed that such a plan may not be possible.

BD gaining upper hand over HD DVD in PC-use drives, say Taiwan makers

Airbus A380 returns to LAX, ancient law prohibits rides for politicians

Military testing supersonic bomb release

In the future military bombers won’t have to slow down to subsonic speeds to drop their deadly payloads.  Technicians from Boeing Phantom Works and the Air Force Research Lab say they’ve simulated a bomb drop at Mach 2.

New York's Rockefeller Christmas tree "goes green"

Move the electrical cords aside. This year, the 30,000 lights adorning the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree are powered by solar panels atop a nearby building.

Adobe and Yahoo team together for PDF ads

Online newsletters and other cyber documents tailored to a specific product or service category may soon become sprinkled with ads powered jointly by Adobe and Yahoo.

Wind farm propeller blade, heal thyself

Scientists have found economical materials that heal themselves after minor damage, retaining about four-fifths of their original strength.  Applications for materials under repeated-stress.

Persistent gas flow seen in Bose-Einstein Condensate

Maryland - Researchers at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and the Joint Quantum Institute in Maryland, have discovered a way to create a donut-shaped Bose-Einstein Condensate (BEC) exhibiting properties of persistent gas flow.  These could have practical applications in future ultra-tiny, ultra-accurate gyroscopes.

Cyber Monday nabs sales record

More than $733 million were spent online this past Monday, making it the most successful Cyber Monday on record.

Missouri town bans electronic harassment

HDNet to present first HD-exclusive presidential debate

HDNet will air a live Democratic presidential debate this weekend, making it the first channel broadcast exclusively in high definition to do so.

“Death from above” - French developing flying TASER-firing saucer

Abandoned safe deposit boxes up for eBay auction

Scientists hoping to bury our greenhouse gas problem

If there was a viable way to dissolve carbon dioxide into water, and then store it in the Earth, would that be a good solution for the man-made greenhouse gas contribution to global warming?

Move over X-Rays, make way for harmless T-Rays

Argonne (IL) - Scientists may have found the solution to long airport screening lines:  T-Rays.  T-Rays are Terahertz electromagnetic (EM) emissions which harmlessly scan for the same basic things X-Rays are used for today.  However, since T-Rays are much of a much lower energy, there are no harmful effects, according to researchers.

POGO scientists want $3 billion to comprehensively monitor oceans within 10 years

Oceanic health through a comprehensive monitoring system is the focus of a recent paper published by a group calling themselves POGO (Partnership for Observation of the Global Oceans).  They hope to create a global ocean monitoring system which will continuously give mankind a leg up on safety and prosperity.

Al Gore's global warming blog gets hacked

A website set up to inform people about the facts of global climate change was recently transformed into a hidden infomercial for online drug stores.