Server electricity use to grow faster in Asia-Pacific and Western Europe than in the U.S.

A study commissioned by AMD suggests that energy demand for new servers will grow faster in Asia-Pacific and Western Europe than in the U.S. over the next three years.

Research firm says HD DVD sales will rise

After the "early adopter" era ends early next year, the mass market will likely seek HD DVD for its price advantage, according to a newly released study on the subject.

Slight LCD component price drop in Q4

Is there room for OLED technology in the TV market? launches privacy control today's latest service will allow users to keep their search data from being saved for several months, giving it an advantage over Google and other search portals.

Real-time traffic information to become key feature for navigation, says ABI Research

JetBlue to offer first in-flight e-mail in the US

For years it has been a rumor and a near reality, but now it's actually happening - airline passengers will be able to access full e-mail and IM services at tens of thousands of feet above ground.

Sage: a free, open-source complex math tool

University of Washington - A former assistant professor from Harvard, now at UofW, Dr. William Stein, and several students, have created a new open-source complex math solving tool called Sage.  It is an Internet-based graphical tool which allows the user to do basically anything mathematically, from "mapping a 12-dimensional object to calculating rainfall patterns under global warming." Frustrated

Analysis: The YouTube effect - Changing the face of elections

Analysis - As Americans prepare for November 2008, the "cyber election" mandating much of the focus on campaigns has come into full swing. TG Daily had a look at the divide in how Republicans and Democrats are handling the new technology.

Yoshinoya suspends two chefs for YouTube vid

Rise of LCD TV brings seasonality to large-size LCD panel market, iSuppli says

Proposal: 50 Gigawatts if they dam the Red Sea

Africa & Middle East - The Red Sea is a long, relatively narrow body of water, running between the Mediterranian Sea and the Indian Ocean.  It passes by several countries, like Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Egypt, Sudan, Eritrea and Djibouti.  It pumps a huge volume of water out into the Gulf of Aden, near Somalia and Yemen, through a fairly narrow outlet.  And scientists looking at this natural form of renewable energy would very much like to put a dam up and capture its massive potential.

In-flight Internet coming to US airlines

Artificial heart recipient dies at 68

Company offers shrink-wrapped DNA for emergencies

San Francisco (CA) – DNA Direct, a new San Francisco-based company, is offering a rather unique way of preserving your DNA.  The company dries and “shrink wraps” DNA and the material can be stored at room temperature practically anywhere.  When the customer or more likely relatives need the information, they simply add a few drops of water and PRESTO, you have reconstituted DNA.

OLED TVs save on energy but not yet cost efficient, says Sony

New technologies for television backlighting point to better performance, says iSuppli

Major LCD panel makers accelerate 8G LCD investment

Google, Time Warner bring AOL Instant Messenger to Gmail

Google's somewhat underwhelming chat feature inside Gmail has now been energized with integration with the most popular IM service.

Jet blasts ballistic missile out of the sky