Unclaimed gift cards total around $3.5 billion in holiday 2007

If you have a gift card from last year that's partially or completely unredeemed, you helped line retailers' pockets by over $3.5 billion.

Senator wants tax on video games

A Senator from Wisconsin wants to mandate an extra tax on video games because he claims they are linked to juvenile crime.

Update: Digital TV coupon program starts tomorrow

Owners of analog TV sets can send off their application for a free converter box beginning tomorrow, to prepare for the digital switch over that will happen in February 2009.

Multiple: 2007 top ten lists

Indianapolis (IN) - A few web sites have compiled some top ten lists for 2007.  The first is from NewScientist and is the top ten list of inventions.  The second is also from NewScientist and claims to be a top ten list of videos, though not all of the links connect to videos.  Still, here they are in the hopes of keeping the doledrums at bay.  The third is from The Inquirer, where they make some predictions about what'll be up in 2008:

Text messaging driver charged in hit and run death

An allegedly text messaging driver has been charged in the hit and run death of a Taunton Massachusetts teenager.

The Inquirer: Year end predictions for 2008

Someone apparently pulled The Inquirer clan away from the pub long enough to think a clear thought about 2008.  They've put together a top ten list of events they believe will happen.  What are your thoughts?  Is The Inquirer clan on the mark?  Or off the wagon?

First visible extra-solar light detected from orbiting planet 60 light years away

Light in the visible spectrum has been observed from an extra-solar planet for the first time.  The team used special polarization techniques to hone in on only light reflected from the planet, and not its star.

San Francisco auction raises money for OLPC

An interactive marketing group in San Francisco held a charity auction believed to be the first of its kind to send the proceeds to the "One Laptop Per Child" program.

Rob Enderle: 2008's Apple, Dell, Google, HP, Lenovo, Sony, Microsoft and Linux

Forward:  by Wolfgang Gruener and Rick C. Hodgin

DRAM industry suffering from lowering prices, curbs output

The DRAM industry is hurting.  Losses of 85% in sales price over the past 12 months have brought the industry almost to its knees.  With no end in sight, DRAM makers are taking extreme measures to keep prices from dropping further.

Wal-Mart closes down video download service

Less than a year after it quietly entered the video download market, Wal-Mart has quietly left by shutting down its digital download store.

Cell phones now work in key subway stations in Boston

GPS helps recover baby Jesus

FBI prepping comprehensive biometric database network

The FBI's fingerprint database is about to become only one small portion of the biometric data they maintain on individuals.  Traits identifying the lope of a person's gate will soon be input, and searchable.

Analog cell phone network going off-air Feb 18, 2008

Congressman feels uneasy about XM/Sirius merger

U.S. Army introducing Macs into server arsenal

The U.S. Army has discovered a novel use for Macs:  as a supplement to their main server banks.  The goal is to distribute the OS workload, thereby reducing the possibility of crippling single attacks.

Russia's GPS going global in 2009

Moscow (Russia) - The last three satellites for a soviet GPS network named GLONASS (Global Navigation Satellite System) were launched without incident yesterday in an improved Proton-M carrier rocket from the Baikonur space center in Kazakhstan.  The three satellites complete the system which will be fully operational in 2009, providing world-wide GPS access to GLONASS devices.

Japanese navy blasts ballistic missile from sky

Japan’s navy successfully defended itself from a simulated ballistic missile attack last week.

Do Intel's delays hint of 45nm woes?

Intel's recent minor slip of three quad-core processors from early in Q1'2008 to mid-to-late Q1'2008, coupled with some rumblings from under the surface, have caused a few to raise an eyebrow or two.