LCD monitor brand makers less interested in new panel sizes

CES 2008 – Zinc pellets power an indoor generator

Electric generators are usually very noisy and must be used outdoors, but start-up Powerair has developed a zinc pellet-powered generator that’s completely safe inside.

Nearly half of all Internet users use video sharing sites

HD DVD vs. Blu-ray: The battle of the CES booths

Walking between the Blu-ray Disc booth and the HD DVD booth at this year's CES is like walking between an amusement park and a decrepit morgue.

Scientists use nano manufacturing processes to construct new materials with tailored properties

Scientists are experimenting with nano construction techniques to engineer materials which do not occur in nature.  The end result may be solar cells that are 3x as efficient as those seen today, that are able to convert water directly into hydrogen and oxygen, and many more similar conversion applications.

Comcast launches free on demand video website

Heroes, CSI, House, Family Guy, and more are now just a click away thanks a new site launched today by Comcast.

Canada's RIAA rejects $5/month fee per Internet user for unlimited access to all copyrighted music

CES: The time has come for 3D Web browsing

Just in time for CES, Internet start-up SpaceTime has launched the first official version of its "3D Web browser", which lets users manipulate their Internet surfing experience in a completely new way.

Carbon fiber matrix bicycle frame weighs less than 3 pounds

Las Vegas (NV) – If you want the ultimate mountain bike that’s guaranteed to garner looks and stop traffic, then Delta 7 Sports out of Utah has perhaps the ultimate invention for you.  The company’s Arantix bike frame is a hollow matrix made of carbon fiber and Kevlar.  Company reps say the frame weighs just 2.75 pounds.  

A CES nightmare: Internet service down for hours

On the biggest day of the biggest trade show in the world, there was a major headache in the form of no Internet in the press room for multiple hours.

Yoko Ono, Pat Monahan, and more at CES

Where can you find Natasha Bedingfield, Pat Monahan, and Yoko Ono together in the same room? At CES, of course!

Magnets shown to help reduce swelling by medical study

Research into static field magnetic application has demonstrated that there are potentially beneficial medical side effects of strong, localized magnetic fields.  We may no longer need ice packs or heating pads after injuries.

Bill Gates pokes fun at himself during CES 2008 keynote

Las Vegas (NV) – Much has changed since Microsoft co-founder and Chairman Bill Gates first spoke at CES 13 years ago.  Back in what he calls the “first digital decade”, people mainly used keyboards and mice to input data, but now you are starting to see voice and touch technologies.  At this year’s keynote address, he highlighted major video and television deals with NBC and ABC, all while poking a little fun at himself.

Warner Home Video drops HD DVD support, backs Blu-ray exclusively

In a major blow to HD DVD, Warner announced tonight that it will now only release high-def movie on Blu-ray Disc. The HD DVD camp has canceled its CES press event and all one-on-one press meetings as a result.

Sony to distribute DRM-free songs

Yes, even we thought it might never happen, but Sony BMG has apparently waved the white surrender flag on DRM and plans on distributing a portion of its music collection as DRM-free songs.

Intel calls it quits on "One Laptop Per Child" program

Intel has asked OLPC to be pulled out of the philanthropic initiative, after the company began to branch off into other similar projects.

Bacteria powered microbial fuel cells prove viable form of electricity generation

Liberty (MO) - Scientists are discovering that microbial fuel cell (MFC) technology is a viable alternative to power generation in remote locations.  Powered only by whatever fuel is placed into the vessel, and the natural electrical generation processes by the bacteria, usable power for man can be harnessed, captured in batteries and utilized as necessary.

Digital TV coupon applications already top 500,000

Over half a million Americans have already requested their free pair of digital TV converter coupons for the major broadcast switch slated for February 2009.

Asteroid's chances of hitting Mars now 1 in 28

Mars, or very mear Mars - An asteroid dubbed 2007 WD5 is looking more and more like it will narrowly miss Mars when it flies by the planet on January 30, 2008.  The chances had increased on readings taken December 28, 2007 to 1 in 25.  However, newer readings have reduced the chances slightly to 1 in 28.

MC Hammer now a website executive

Stanley Burrell, better known as rapper MC Hammer, will come back into the music industry, but this time as the chief strategy officer of the new website