China to be first in Internet usage in 2008

Yahoo implements OpenID

British Airways jet crashes at Heathrow

London (England) – A British Airways jet has crashed just short of the runway at London’s Heathrow Airport today.  Flight 38 was a Boeing 777 from Beijing and was on final approach when, according to initial reports, the plane lost all power.  The plane crashed several hundred meters short of the runway, but none of the 136 passengers and 16 crew were killed.

Time Warner to experiment with tiered Internet pricing

Time Warner Internet customers who download a ton of material may find themselves paying more money later this year.

Don't say goodbye to HD DVD, yet

Opinion - CES was unkind to HD DVD this year, but don't underestimate the power of the fledgling format.

Mac users more open minded and sure of themselves – study

Open minded people are more likely to purchase a Mac, according to a new survey released by Mindset Media.  The company interviewed 7500 people and found that liberal thinkers were 60 percent more likely to buy a Mac.  These same people were also less modest and more sure of their own superiority than the rest of the population.

Electric Vehicle combusts on UC Riverside campus

According to Engadget, a GEM Electric Vehicle burnt to the ground yesterday on the UC Riverside campus.  UCR media relations were unaware of the fire and the campus Police Department said it could have been a test burn.

MacWorld is disappointing? Yeah right.

Analyst Opinion - I’m typically the last person to come to Apple’s defense but in this case while I was covering the event for Bloomberg TV and watching Apple’s stock price drop even I had to say the expectations of investors were unreasonable.

Scientists develop semi-accurate dog translator

Scientists at the Eötvös Loránd University in Hungary have developed a computer that can “translate” dog barks.  We put translate in quotes because the machine can only detect the dogs’ general mood at the time.  Scientists claim the readings are 43 percent accurate – something which doesn’t seem that great, but they add most humans would not have done so well.

Banking crisis hits Second Life

The virtual residents of Second Life are experiencing a banking crisis of their own after a recently announced ban on unregistered banks.  As of January 22nd, unregistered banks won’t be able to offer interest or any return on investment.  Now, virtual citizens are scrambling to pull their money out of banks and causing some institutions to close their doors.

Price for LED-based lighting products to drop more than 80% within 5 years, says PAM

LED BLUs a growing trend for 2008, says Displaybank

Touch panel IC demand slows down

NFC contactless payment market expected to reach $820 million by 2013

CES blogger prankster banned from future shows

A blogger who interfered with flat-screen displays at last week's CES garnered a lot of reader interest, but the Consumer Electronics Association got the last laugh.

CES: GPS, Internet, games, and video in your glasses

Las Vegas (NV) - Every year at CES, we find a concept that is really just on display for concept's sake, and something that blurs the line between reality and sci-fi.  That product this year was the Lumus glasses.  

Internet grows to more than 150 million websites

The Internet continued its rapid growth rate in the final month of last year, adding more than five million websites for a bottom line of more than 150 million.

Body heat could charge your cellphone

Remarkable research findings on energy conversion have been published in the most recent edition of Nature: Scientists believe to have discovered a much more efficient way to use silicon to convert heat into electricity – for use in a variety of products ranging from cars to portable electronics.

CES 2008: Touch screen panels to become mainstream for MID

Mainstream LED pricing for handset backlight applications to fall 15% in 1Q