HDMI, Displayport quickly replacing DVI

BBC anchor sues over facial surgery for HDTV makeover

Katie Silverton is suing a health clinic for botching a recent operation, which she says she scheduled because of increased concerns over HDTV images.

Startup claims it can make $1/gallon Ethanol

Infrared-blasting helmet could reverse Alzheimer’s disease

A new infrared-blasting helmet could stop and possibly even reverse Alzheimer’s disease.  British researchers developed the helmet for human testing after similar treatments improved brain function on middle-aged mice.  The infrared light supposedly stimulates brain cells to regenerate and, according to the researchers, can reverse dementia in just a few weeks.

Charter erases 14,000 customer e-mail accounts

Charter Communications has blamed a "software error" on completely deleting the contents of 14,000 of its customer e-mail accounts.

Digital TV converter boxes to be ready by February 18

Digital converters for the massive broadcasting change happening next year should be available in less than a month, according to the National Telecommunications and Information Administration.

NPD: Recent Blu-ray sales explosion "doesn't really mean a lot"

Earlier this month, standalone Blu-ray players counted for 90% of the next-gen DVD hardware market, but analyst firm NPD says that consumers shouldn't read too much into that.

Stalker: Clear Sky to be released exclusively on Steam

The prequel to the first-person shooter Stalker will be available exclusively as a digital download on Valve's content delivery service Steam.

Russian University buys Blue Gene supercomputer

AT&T broadband customers get free Wi-Fi access

Customers of AT&T's broadband Internet service will soon have free access to the company's Wi-Fi hotspots throughout the country.

Digital music sales reach nearly $3 billion in 2007

Consumers spent a reported $2.9 billion on digital music purchases last year, a 40% increase over 2006, but illegal downloads are offsetting that by a rate of 20-to-1.

Green Energy: Silicon wafer order status good; thin-film solar cell production on track

‘We will rock your gold atoms!’ – New electron microscope laughs at rock music

Electron microscopes are great for viewing atomic details, but don’t you just hate it when nearby scientists start blaring Queen’s ‘We Will Rock You’?  Well, the researchers at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory were fed up with rock music shaking up their atoms and have developed a new microscope that can maintain stability under intense vibration.

"Save HD DVD" petition garners thousands of signatures

Over 13,000 signatures have endorsed a "save HD DVD" petition less than three weeks after it was first put online.

Major Chicagoland retailer drops HD DVD support

Turkey puts ban on Youtube yet again

Google's popular video sharing site has once again found itself in the middle of an international controversy, as Turkey has banned Youtube over videos that it deems offensive.

Secret military history of Silicon Valley gave rise to modern tech giants

When you think about Silicon Valley you think about modern tech giants like Google, Yahoo and others, but did you know that this high-tech center of the Universe owes its existence to secret government cooperation dating back four decades?

UltraBattery promises more power, less cost for HEVs

Chicago (IL) – Australia’s Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) has developed a new battery for hybrid electric vehicles that could deliver a 50% increase in power, a 70% decrease in cost and a 300% improvement in life expectancy.      

Google/Youtube’s video market share increases to 31%

Researchers developing bionic contact lenses

University of Washington researchers have been developing an electronic contact lens that could someday display important information in your field of vision.