ESA stereo camera captures Mars in 3D

Paris (France) – The European Space Agency (ESA) has published hundreds of 3D images of Mars, which give a spectacular impression of the terrain of the planet.      

FBI wants palm prints, eye scans, tattoo mapping

Microsoft opens up research center

Computer can recognize dog speech

The rhythm game pioneer and creator of the cel-shaded hip hop artist is making a comeback, this time on the Wii, according to the game's official announcement from Majesco.

VersaLaser printer blasts text and pics onto just about anything

Why bother printing your family photos onto paper when you can laser etch them into steel, plastic and even wood?  At the PMA 08 show in Las Vegas, we were given a demonstration of the VersaLaser printer which uses a Carbon Dioxide laser to blast patterns into almost any material.  Company reps even made us a cool laser-etched dog tag in about two minutes.

Cancer "unlikely" from cell phone exposure: report

Australian scientists have developed a points scale to determine the risk of environmental factors leading to cancer, and mobile phone radiation is near the very bottom of the list.

Yahoo to convert music users to Rhapsody

Upon closing its own subscription music service, Yahoo will switch its customers to Rhapsody as part of a partnership between the two companies.

Digital photo frame demand to hit 20 million units in 2008

Poker site demanding repayment after gambling glitch

Online gambling site Betfair has issued notices to several users demanding they give back winnings that were paid out as a result of a glitch.

Laser alters color of metals, creates gold aluminum

Rochester (NY) – Scientists at the University of Rochester have found a way to change the intrinsic surface properties of virtually any metal to achieve a change in color.        

A business card that can outlast you and your company – MetalPhoto’s nano-etched cards

Las Vegas (NV) – Business cards are usually flimsy and unappealing, but MetalPhoto has developed a process that makes them much sturdier, heck these cards will probably outlive the human race.  The company’s nano-etching process cuts 26,000 grooves per square centimeter into sheet metal and can reproduce high-fidelity images.

Surround Records opens up to Blu-ray, sticks with HD DVD

Independent music distributor Surround Records has announced that it will start releasing titles on Blu-ray Disc, nixing its exclusivity with HD DVD.

Update: Blu-ray and HD DVD support demystified

Analysis – If you had to choose between Blu-ray and HD DVD today, what would you buy? Based on recent media coverage we guess likely you would go with Blu-ray. But has the market already made its decision? Which companies support which format? We spent some time examining the current market and compiled a list of hardware vendors, retail stores and publishers and their support for the HD age.      Editor's note: Charts update on 1/31 11:30am EDT

Dell shuts down retail kiosks

Dell announced this week that it will shut down all of its 140 interactive kiosks throughout the US.

Yahoo will axe 1000 company jobs

VIDEO - Livescribe “Smart Pen” records everything you write and hear

Oakland (CA) – Note taking is a messy affair and you often miss the gist of what the speaker is saying while you frantically try to write down words.  But never fear, Oakland-based Livescribe has developed its Pulse Smart Pen that can digitally record everything you write and hear.  This magic is done thanks to an integrated infrared camera and two noise cancelling microphones in the pen chassis.  You can see the pen in action in our videos below.

Fire your database administrator with Blist

Palm Desert (CA) – Database administration and creation has always been relegated to pointy head techie types, but start-up company Blist claims to have developed the world’s easiest database.  The web application makes database creation as simple as dragging data types like pictures, lists or even documents into the creation page.  Watch our video of Blist’s demonstration from the DEMO Conference in Palm Desert California.

E.Coli bacteria may be the key to your very own hydrogen factory

College Station (TX) – Hydrogen carries the potential to become a clean energy source in the future. But while hydrogen does not produce green house gases in cars, an enormous amount of energy is required to produce it. E.Coli bacteria may change that and enable you to create your own hydrogen supply right in your backyard, if researchers from A&M University are right.    

Step Labs makes voice understandable through 96 dB of noise

Palm Desert (CA) – Has your Bluetooth headset or speaker system ever been drowned out by a loud radio or a chatting passenger?  Step Labs has introduced a new noise cancellation technology that they claim will produce clear voice audio even with your radio on full blast.  Company reps gave a fairly convincing demonstration at the DEMO Conference in Palm Desert California and you can watch that video below.  

LeapFrog your child’s reading with Tag

Palm Desert (CA) – Accelerating your child’s learning is as easy as giving him LeapFrog’s new “Tag” pen-like device.  Thanks to an infrared camera in the tip, the pen recognizes graphics on specially designed books and then reads back words and letters as the kid taps on the book.