A Porsche hybrid? Does that make sense?

Chicago (IL) – ‘Hybrid’ has become a very political term these days: Whether you like it or not and whether it is true or not, it implies low gas consumption, reduction of green house gases and clean(er) air. Most car manufacturers are playing with car concepts, but seriously, would you buy a hybrid Porsche? We caught up with the company to find out if this concept makes sense – and provide background how the Porsche hybrid will work.  

Wal-Mart picks Blu-ray over HD DVD

Perhaps the biggest blow to HD DVD yet, the country's largest retailer Wal-Mart announced today it will drop HD DVD and focus exclusively on Blu-ray in the high definition video battle.

Industry publications hint at Toshiba dropping HD DVD

Toshiba may be ready to pull out of HD DVD, effectively putting an end to the format, according to various trade publications.

Airbus says customers interested in flying A380 casinos

NASA helps build world’s fastest swimsuit

NASA and Speedo have teamed up to develop the world’s fastest swimsuit.  The body-hugging LZR-Race outfit is ultrasonically welded to have no exposed seams and promises to be slightly faster than the previous fastest suits.

Social web platform Atlaspost to set up office in US

HD DVD responds to slate of bad news

The HD DVD Promotional Group has issued a statement in response to this month's announcements regarding huge industry players Netflix and Best Buy moving away from its format.

VIDEO - Open Source, scavenged hardware, powers life-sized 747 simulator

Retired Air Force pilot John Wojnaroski can’t seem to get away from flying and he’s been constructing the “ultimate” flight simulator with authentic screens, switches and even throttle controls.

Ebay cuts listing fees for home media

Ebay has further cut fees for putting music, movies, video games and books up for auction, responding to pressure from its high-volume sellers.

Big screen 1080p LCD TVs were the big story in 2007

British may face Internet ban for illegal downloads

The government is proposing a plan that would lock up all Internet access for users who are found to be illegally downloaing music and videos.

Lightning strike blinds pilots, forces passenger jet to land

Air Force developing hypersonic missiles and bombers

The United States military wants to reach out and touch someone – fast.  According to an article in the Star-Telegram, Air Force researchers are developing bombers and cruise missiles capable of flying Mach 6 or 4,000 miles-per-hour and faster.

Woman tasered at Florida Best Buy for leaving the store

A woman was recently tasered at a Florida Best Buy store because she left the store before she finished checking out.

“Green” glider propelled by heat energy in Ocean water

Woods Hole (MA) – Imagine a watercraft that has no needs for refueling, but simply takes most of its energy needs directly from the temperature differences in Ocean water surrounding the hull. Technically, you will get a transportation device with a virtually unlimited energy resource. It’s not science-fiction, but research units are already in operation today.    

Chicago Auto Show 2008: Riding the hybrid wave

Chicago (IL) – If you haven’t visited  a North American Auto Show in recent years, you’d be surprised to see how much these shows have changed: The dominating topic at the Chicago Auto Show 2008 are hybrid drivetrains and other technologies that make our cars more efficient. Join us for a walk around the show floor to see what manufacturers are offering today and what we can expect for the future.

Biofuels could actually increase greenhouse gases - study

Two new studies published in Science magazine claim that biofuels use could actually increase the amount of greenhouse gases in our planet’s atmosphere.  Researchers say converting forests and grasslands to ethanol producing corn or oil palm plants could actually double the CO2 levels over the next thirty years.

Ebay feedback to become one-sided

The feedback system on Ebay will soon only consist of customers leaving comments about individual sellers, putting an end to feedback from the other side of the transaction.

Scientists correct particle beam fluctuations at the speed of light, almost

Physicists at the Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider (RHIC) have developed a method to keep particle beams tightly organized in order to increase the efficiency of collider experiments.

Online voters turn out on Super Tuesday

While millions of people from Delaware to Alaska were voting for their presidential pick yesterday, Democrats also reached beyond the country's borders with the first ever official online voting.