Paypal says don't use Safari browser

Ebay's online payment site Paypal has issued a warning that Apple's Safari browser makes users more vulnerable to phishing.

China opens world’s largest airport terminal

In preparation for this summer’s Olympics, China has just opened the world’s largest airport terminal in Beijing.  More than 50 million people will scamper through this terminal which is nearly two miles long and has 120 gates along with 73 aircraft parking spots.

Web-to-TV show Quarterlife canned after abysmal ratings

The dramedy that went from Myspace to NBC has been canceled after one episode, after it received the network's worst rating for its time slot in 20 years.

iPhone and Xbox 360 controller commands DARPA’s killer ‘Crusher’ robot

For the past few weeks, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) and U.S. Army have been running the ‘Crusher’ six-wheeled robot through torturous recon and cave-clearing missions.  By early reports, the robot has performed well and Army personnel have even adapted two popular gadgets to control the bot.

Fit all of your oversized power adapters in Tributaries new strip

Orlando (FL) - Tributaries just introduced its T12 power strip which promises to solve a common tech problem of “I can’t fit all my power adapters on one strip.” While we usually forward the press releases into a virtual recycle bin, this product caught our attention as it finally solves some of headaches we experience on daily basis.

Aibo cures loneliness as well as real dogs – study

Sony’s robotic Aibo dog is just as effective as a real dog in curing loneliness.  According to a study conducted by the St. Louis University, elderly patients in a nursing home became attached to the dog after several weeks of playing with the non-pooping plastic pet.

Netflix to pump up Blu-ray selection

Netflix has said that it will start offering more Blu-ray Disc titles since it will no longer stock HD DVD.

Dreamworks Animation still HD DVD exclusive under contract terms

In spite of the fact that the creators of HD DVD have officially abandoned the format, Dreamworks Animation is still locked in to an exclusivity contract.

Car racing of the future: FIA tests digital flags

Barcelona (Spain) –Flags, like the checkered finish flag, have always served a critical part in any form of car racing, but drivers can sometimes miss those wavy pieces of fabric driving at 200+ MPH. In a bid to change the status quo between judges, race organization and the drivers themselves, FIA as the world's automotive governing body recently tested digital flags on the Circuit de Catalunya near Barcelona.  

Extending the Internet to digital photo frames

Millions hit in southern Florida power outage

People in southern Florida were hit with a massive power outage after two nuclear reactors spontaneously shut down.  The outage centered on the Miami-Dade area, but also extended to some parts of Broward County.  Nuclear Regulatory Commission reps say the reactors were probably responding to a weird reading in the power grid and add that everything should be back to normal shortly.

Marine Bio Lab creates online "encyclopedia of life"

The Marine Biological Laboratory in Massachusetts has launched a 30,000-page online resource consisting of encyclopedic information about every living creature ever documented.

Google, others join in global cable connection consortium

With severed cables causing Internet outages to several countries in recent years, it was only a matter of time before funding is found to create another link in the complex globe of cable connections.

ABC to have on-demand video with forced commercials

ABC announced this week that it will bring some of its most popular television shows to free on-demand video services, but viewers won't be able to skip the commercials.

Pakistan gets rid of YouTube ban

Relevance of Blu-ray up in the air, says iSuppli

Forget Terascale. Here comes Exascale computing.

Ok, let’s not exaggerate. With our everyday PCs, we are still stuck in gigascale and are still waiting for terascale to arrive. But at least scientists will soon have access to petascale capabilities as we learned yesterday and now we know that groundwork on exascale system is already being done.

Gates sees diminished role for keyboards

DVD formats expected to remain optical storage mainstream over next 3-5 years

Warner to still support HD DVD through May

Ironically, Warner Bros now has one of the strongest HD DVD line-ups over the next few months, despite the fact that it has already announced an upcoming exclusive switch to Blu-ray.