Paul McCartney reportedly inks iTunes deal

Survey sheds light on habits of US TV viewers

The Universe is 13.73 billion years old

Doritos commercial to be sent 42 light years into space

If you had the chance to send a message into space, what would it be? People in the UK have an opportunity to get their Doritos-sponsored message sent to 47 Ursae Majoris, which is believed to be supporting living organisms – 42 light years away from Earth. The space commercial is part of Doritos’ “You Make It, We Play It” user-generated-content campaign in the UK. People are being asked to be creative and shoot a 30 second video ad about what they perceive life on earth to be.

Samsung's Adidas phone helps users with workouts

In a nearly identical move to Apple's partnership with Nike, Samsung has joined forces with athletic apparel specilaist Adidas to create a music-centric phone with special functionality to keep track of workout data. The "MiCoach" handset includes a heart-rate monitor and special workout software.  Like the Nike+iPod product combination, the MiCoach also has a sensor that users can attach to a pair of shoes to track jogging distances.

Apache regaining traction in global server installations

The Internet picked up the pace in February and showed stronger growth, approaching a total size of 160 million websites. Apache stopped the march of Microsoft’s IIS and is gaining share in global Internet server installations: More than half of the web’s servers are running on Apache. According to Netcraft, the Internet stood at 158,209,426 sites in February, a gain of 2.6 million sites over January. Since the beginning of the year, the Internet has seen unusually slow growth: While monthly gains were in the 4 to 5 million range last year, the web saw just 354,000 additions in January and saw somewhat a bounce-back last month.

Microsoft and Sony reportedly in Blu-ray discussions

The power of Blu-ray is so intense that Microsoft has even begun talking to Sony about possibly incorporating the technology into the Xbox 360. The Financial Times reports that Sony Electronics president Stan Glasgow disclosed information about the talks although Microsoft will not confirm anything. Microsoft decided long ago to support HD DVD in the high definition format war, but Blu-ray ended up swallowing the competition.  Now all former HD DVD supporters, including Microsoft, have jumped ship.

Box office sales set record in 2007

Despite mass hysteria in the movie industry of piracy and declining movie sales, box office ticket sales reached nearly $10 billion last year, a new record.

Bill Gates slips to third-richest person in the world

Bill Gates ran for 13 years as the richest man in the world, but now he has slunk back to the third spot.

University student faces expulsion over Facebook study group

A first-year Ryerson University student faces expulsion after running an online Facebook study group that swapped homework tips.  18-year-old Chris Avenir has been hit with 147 counts – one for each student who used the group - of academic misconduct and will now go in front of the engineering department for an expulsion hearing.

Circuit City launches HD DVD/Blu-ray swap program

If you bought an HD DVD player at Circuit City and now want to switch over to Blu-ray, you're in luck.

Brain scanner can tell what you're looking at decides to tailor its reach, abandon Google competition, after facing a long struggle with other search engines, this week announced it will stop trying to directly compete in that market and instead create a niche search portal for married women.

HD DVD fire sales accelerating

Standalone HD DVD players as low as $80 and free movie offers are just the beginning of what will be a massive clearing out of stock of the failed format over the next several weeks.

Shark Shield device fails, becomes shark food

An anti-shark device became shark food after it failed spectacularly in the waters near South Africa.  This shocking (ok maybe not so shocking) information came to light during an inquest held in South Australia over the death of a swimmer who was wearing the same device.

GM to make lithium-ion powered hybrid cars

Apple's co-founder unhappy with Apple TV, iPhone, MacBook Air...

Youtube live streaming coming later this year

Thanks to its financial backing from Google, Youtube now plans to offer live video streaming by the end of 2008.

United's computer check-in system fails to leap on leap day

Leap day (February 29) happens once every four years, but it seems that there cannot be a single leap day without mainstream media reporting about computer-related problems associated with the date. This time around, so called "Easy Check-in" kiosks at the Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) were crashing as the software did not allow passengers to check-in for the flight.

HD DVD tops list of high-def disc sales last week

While Blu-ray has pretty much officially won the high definition media war, the HD DVD release of American Gangster beat out all of its Blu-ray contenders in the last full week of February.