Comcast to put an end to file-sharing block

Telecommunications company Comcast announced today that it will no longer restrict Internet subscribers from accessing file-sharing programs and websites.  In the last few months, reports began to surface that Comcast was methodically blocking Internet activity it deemed could be used for illegal content distribution.  For example, it made users unable to download BitTorrent files, a modern platform commonly used in video and music pirating.

Are 3D movie theaters finally becoming a reality?

In depth - The good old movie theater is ready for a big step into the future. We haven’t seen dramatic innovations in years and even if high-definition is on its way and some believe that theaters can be transformed into classy dining places, people always have been attracted to a special movie experience they can’t get at home. TG Daily recently met with Dolby to find out how the much anticipated transition to 3D is coming along – and found that this technology has all the potential to keep movie theaters from becoming entertainment dinosaurs nobody will remember. Extra: Image Gallery

Safari, Opera reach 100% in Acid3 test

The Opera Internet browser this week became the first to achieve a perfect 100/100 score for the series of tests for Web standards, and was quickly followed by Apple's Safari browser.  Lars Erik Bolstad, Opera's head of core technology, wrote in Opera's official blog yesterday, "Since the test was officially announced recently, our Core developers have been hard at work fixing bugs and adding the missing standards support.  Today we reached a 100% pass rate for the first time."

XCOR aims to launch suborbital spacecraft within two years

XCOR, a small aerospace company based in Mojave, Calif., today unveiled plans to launch itself into the era of space tourism with a two-seat suborbital spacecraft. “Lynx” could be operable within two years and give people an “affordable” view on the Earth’s atmosphere below.

VIDEO – Airline passengers massacre billions of germs with new air filter

Flying can be murder on your immune system with the all the stress, dry air and sick people around you.  We can’t really do anything about the first two problems, but Mission Viejo-based Travel Health Products has a solution for the germ-laden air.  Its PlaneCleanAir filter attaches to the air vents and promises to filter out 99.5% of bacteria, viruses and other particulates.

Large-screen monitor prices plummet as small monitors plateau

Pricewatch - Over the last several months, 28" and 30" LCD monitors have drastically reduced in price while 22" and 24" models have remained nearly unchanged.  In 2007, monitor prices were falling across the board.  Last year's holiday shopping season was a great time to buy a new monitor, but since then the only major price changes have been happening in the higher-end product line. If you have been looking for a desktop LCD with a size of at least 28", this may be the time to start looking for one.

Google, Yahoo, Myspace join forces for non-profit

Three online giants are now working together on Open Social, an open online platform for social networking.  It is the first major joint project for Yahoo since its torrid acquisition attempt by Microsoft.  The Open Social initiative was created by Goolge back in November, with the goal of making an easily accessible set of application programming interfaces (APIs) for social networking, thereby having a more even playing field for everyone.

Internet addicts should be considered mentally ill

Internet addiction should be considered a true mental illness, according to a recent editorial published in the prestigious American Journal of Psychiatry.  Jerald Block MD says excessive online gaming, porn surfing along with e-mail and text messaging are signs of mental collapse and “merit inclusion” in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM V).

Netflix technical difficulties cause DVD delays

Google takes WiFi lobbying up a notch

Google this week began a new push in Washington, lobbying for more airwaves and bandwidth access for wireless Internet.  It's part of the online giant's push to create a new standard of wireless Web access.  Google says it wants to create a platform called WiFi 2.0, a wireless high-speed Internet network that would be loosely regulated and be more cost-effective than the current offerings.

Craigslist hoax nearly wipes out Oregon man’s possessions

Graphene could replace silicon one day, scientists say

Researchers found that electrons can travel substantially faster in graphene than in silicon, a standard material used in semiconductor products today. The fairly new material is believed to accelerate the electron flow by a factor of 100x and bring big advantage for applications that require rapid switching.

Original Ada Lovelace painting purchased on eBay

Computer geeks on opposite ends of the Earth have found the original sketch of the world’s first programmer.  In a story worthy of a Hollywood movie, a United States Army sergeant in Tajikistan and a programmer in Texas resurrected the legend of Ada Lovelace by buying up a 180-year-old watercolor portrait on eBay.

Slysoft hacks Blu-ray's latest copy protection

Renowned DVD burning software maker Slysoft has announced that it cracked Blu-ray Disc protections to allow users to burn copies of BD movies on to blank media.  The breakthrough is Slysoft's cracking of the new protection technology known as BD+.  After installing the newest version of the company's AnyDVD HD software, users are able to pop in a Blu-ray movie to their computer drive and immediately wipe out the encrypted data that prevents the content from being copied.

Video – Former Apple VP makes a mint in the combination lock biz

Combination locks are neither geeky nor high-tech, but a former Vice President of Apple Computer wants to change that with his word spelling lock.  At first glance, Todd Basche’s WordLock appears to be just a lock with letters replacing the numbers.  However, inventor told us that some heavy duty computing power was required to maximize the combinations while eliminating the “bad words”.

HD DVD player supply drying up

Average retail prices of the entry-level HD DVD player price saw a big drop on Thursday: First stores are selling the HD-A3 for less than $60. Data collected from also suggests that inventories are declining quickly, with less stores carrying HD DVD players every day. 

Scientists to develop 3D camera with 12,616 lenses

A research group from Stanford University is working on a new idea that one day could enable the production of a relatively simple yet very capable 3D digital camera: Instead of using just one lens, the researchers are mounting thousands of lenses on groups of sensors, which will generate thousands of images for every single shot – providing a slightly different view on every pixel in an image.

Organic molecules found on far-away planet

Joost! debuts just in time for March Madness

Starting yesterday, American TV viewers will tune in for NCAA's March Madness, college basketball tournament that saw more giant killing feats in its history than any other. 65 male and 64 female teams will battle for their colleges for this year's trophies.  What makes March Madness 2008 special is the fact that you can follow all of the games on Joost!, online TV service - created by authors of Skype. This is the first major sports championship where Joost! is offering live coverage and no, you could not imagine a better stress test than numerous basketball games.

Man builds suicide robot to kill himself

This is a very sad story to write.  An 81-year-old man living in Australia's Gold Coast constructed a suicide robot and used it to successfully kill himself.  Francis Tovey was distraught over having to move out of his home into foster care and built the robot from plans found on the Internet.