An inside view: The $20 million Intel/Microsoft multicore programming initiative

Special to TG Daily – Being able to exploit the massive computation horsepower in multicore processors is one of biggest challenges in today’s hardware and software industry. Traditional programming techniques become increasingly inefficient as the number of cores in CPUs grows. Intel and Microsoft try to solve this problem with what undoubtedly is one most fundamental and fascinating research projects in today’s IT industry. Rajesh Karmani, a member of the research team at the University of Illinois, gives TG Daily readers and inside look of the challenges presented by a life time opportunity.    

New Rolex watch waterproof at 12,900 feet and fits over dive suit

So let’s say you’re a diver who just hates having watches break under pressure because you like diving deep, I mean REAL deep.  What kind of watch would you buy?  The new Rolex Sea-Dweller DEEPSEA model of course.  This baby is waterproof at 12800 feet and can withstand an incredible 2.98 metric tons of pressure.

Music store to launch on Myspace

Sony, Vivendi, Universal and Warner are all expected to be part of the launch of a new channel of Myspace, allowing users to stream and download music tracks in a direct competition to other digital media stores.  Myspace Music will be an all-encompassing music destination, offering unlimited streaming, MP3 downloads, ringtones, and the opportunity to buy concert tickets and other merchandise.

Monitor and notebook panel prices up while downward price trend for TV applications continues

iPhone used less for talk, more for Web and music

Microsoft research projects go Google

Is simulation the ultimate way to compress music files?

Scientists at the University of Rochester have taken a unique approach to compress digital music files: Rather than cutting an existing a digital music file in size through compression optimization, they decided to build a completely new file based on the simulation of humans playing music. The result is impressive - a 20-second clarinet solo can be stored in less than a Kilobyte of space. What’s not included in the file is the emotional factor of music.

Blu-ray prices continue to climb

Pricewatch - Sony, Sharp and Panasonic Blu-ray players continue to climb an upward price slope as demand has increased and competition decreased in the high definition video market, TG Daily found.  Samsung's BD-P1400 and LG's combo player, however, have settled down and are moving back into more favorable price territory.  For the majority of players, though, prices are higher than they have been all year and it seems as though there is really no way to stop the prices from spiraling out of control.  How far will they continue to rise?

VIDEO – Bangkok International Motor Show press day spectacle

At TG Daily we strive to bring you the very best coverage of events around the world.  Sometimes that means lugging a heavy digital camera, hi-def camcorder and a laptop around to steamy parts of the world like Thailand, but we do it for you, our loyal readers. For those of you who aren’t lucky enough to attend the 29th International Motor Show here are some videos to show you what you’re missing.

Apple sued over "millions of colors" claim in iMac ads

If you're going to say that your displays can show millions of colors, you better be able to back that up.  That's the lesson Apple is learning after Los Angeles law firm Kabateck Brown Kellner filed a lawsuit against the company for false advertising.  Part of Apple's ad campaign for its iMac computers was that they could display "millions of colors at all resolutions."  According to the lawsuit, however, there are really only 262,144 colors.

Google/Virgin venture, custom time creation part of April Fool's

Google and Virgin have joined up to settle on Mars by the year 2050, Sophos can now recognize hackers based on their webcam videos and Gmail has managed to create an e-flux capacitor to send e-mails to the past and future.  April Fools!

Scientists develop method to create 3D images of magnetic fields

Remember drawing images of magnetic fields in physics class? Scientists from Hahn-Meitner-Institute (HMI) and the University of Applied Sciences, both located in Berlin, Germany, in Berlin have developed a much more sophisticated way to show actual magnetic fields in solid materials by visualizing the quantum-mechanical spin state of neutrons. 

VIDEO – Riding Shanghai’s 187 mph Maglev

We’ve just landed at Shanghai’s Pudong International Airport and of course we just had to try the insanely fast Mag-Lev train into town.  The ride was fairly short and it was a pain to lug our luggage through the station and onto the trains, but the insanely fast 187 MPH ride didn’t disappoint.

Laugh off .44 Magnum hits while cruising in style – BMW’s 550i Security series

If you’re going to cruise around in an armored car, it might as well be a nice looking BMW.  The German automaker was showing off its 2008 model of the armored 550i Security series at the Bangkok International Motor Show.  While the series itself isn’t that new, it was the first time we’ve seen the car in person.  Of course we took all the obligatory pictures.

Firefox 4 features surface

Although Firefox 3 is still in research and development, Mozilla is already working on new features for the fourth version of its increasingly popular Web browser.  Webware spoke with Mozilla vice president Chris Beard, who mentioned two specific new concepts for Firefox 4 that will evolve the online experience and add greater integration with content stored on computer hard drives.

BMW hydrogen car has "near-zero emissions"

The BMW Hydrogen 7 Mono-Fuel test vehicle has been rated by the US Department of Energy as a super-ultra low-emission vehicle (SULEV), the highest designation for low emission standards.  The tests were done at the DOE's National Laboratory in Argonne, Illinois.  The man in charge of hydrogen vehicle testing, Thomas Wallner, said the emissions from the Hydrogen 7 vehicle were "only a fraction" of the level required for the SULEV level.

Scientists working towards Terahertz handheld devices

Demand for LED backlighting in small- to medium-size panels expected to rise more than 20% in 2008

Dancers, singers and concept cars open the Bangkok International Motor Show

The 29th annual Bangkok International Motor Show opened up to the press yesterday with a bang.  Major car companies like Ford, Toyota and BMW pulled out all the stops and wowed the army of reporters, photographers and cameramen with new environmentally-friendly concept cars and shows worthy of the best shows in Las Vegas.  We are here in Bangkok to bring you the very best in sights and sounds from the show in this first of several articles.

MIT researcher starts move to cheaper solar energy

A new solar energy start-up called 1366 Technologies has just received $12.4 million in venture capital to help foster and enhance a solar technology created by MIT professor Emanuel Sachs.  Sachs invented string ribbon solar manufacturing, which is a new way to produce and maintain solar energy cells.  It makes the alternative energy source more accessible and affordable.