Bangkok International Motor Show Part V

The 29th annual Bangkok International Motor Show recently completed on April 6th and here is our last batch of pictures (well we actually have 1200+ more pictures, but there are only so many hours in the day to edit boothbabe pics).

Amazon doles out $50 credit to HD DVD buyers has announced that it will offer a $50 store credit to anyone who bought an HD DVD player from the online store before February 23.  The move mimicks a service offered by Best Buy earlier this year, automatically sending out a $50 gift card to those who purchased an HD DVD player.

VIDEO - Electrons versus Gasoline, electric motorcycle races Honda CBR

The throaty VROOM of a motorcycle is the sound of music to many adrenaline junkies, but in the future that vroom vroom could be replaced with a high-pitched WEEE WEEE of an electric motor.  Oakland-based Electric Motorsport is developing an electric motorcycle, the Electric GPR-S, capable of freeway speeds with enough juice to complete most commutes.  But could such a motorcycle beat a Honda CBR street bike on the open track?  Today we found out and caught it all on video and in pictures.

Consumers largely willing to pay higher prices for Blu-ray

Pricewatch - Over the past month we have been reporting on the pricing trend of Blu-ray Dusc players.  As HD DVD faded away, prices of BD devices began to slowly creep up, to where they have now largely rested at around $400.  This week we decided to take a look at how changes in price have changed the demand of the products, and found that while consumers have been stepping up to buy players for around $350, many appear to be deterred from spending much more than that.

Green Energy to have noticeable capacity jump in 2008

Researchers uncover black holes across the Internet

The reason why you cannot reach a specific web site at any given time can be very simple. Server and hosting issues, maintenance or the plain fact that a site has been discontinued are the most likely explanations why a site just won’t load. But there is another, more mysterious possibility: Black holes. A team at the University of Washington (UW) has begun mapping scenarios where information packets on the Internet simply disappear.

Internet sales projected to top $200 billion this year

World’s most powerful laser fired up

Researchers at the University of Texas at Austin have turned on the Texas Petawatt laser on March 31 for, well, a very brief period of time. The specs of the device are mind-boggling: It has the power output of thousands of power plants and is brighter than the surface of the sun. Yet, the total power output of the atom-splitting laser is just enough to keep a light bulb burning for only a few seconds.

Google joins forces with United Nations

Google Earth has been used in professional news organizations, an official political hot spot and even in NASA, and now the Internet giant has gone even further by striking a new partnership with the United Nations.  The specially crafted online map will track refugees from around the world, to aid in humanitarian operations.

Map exposes carbon dioxide hotspots in the U.S.

Now we can point fingers at certain regions within the U.S. when we are looking for the largest producers of carbon dioxide. Drumroll, please: According to a new “Vulcan” map published by Purdue University, the Southwest is outed as a key player and has been found to be pumping out much more carbon dioxide from fossil fuels than previously estimated.  

Large-size LCD panel supply-demand expected to balance in Q2

Does gasoline grow on trees?

There is an incredible amount of enthusiasm in the field of alternative energy sources these days. We are seeing new “breakthrough” announcements almost every day, but a great part of this research is decades away from being a viable technology for everyday use. But we also have news about more realistic approaches: For example, a scientist from the University of Massachusetts-Amherst (UMass) claims to have reached a critical milestone in the creation of biofuels with traditional gasoline characteristics. And: The conversion apparently can happen with “almost” no carbon footprint.    

Couple sues Google over "street view" maps

A husband and wife have filed a lawsuit against Google for its "street view" feature on Google Maps, which gives Internet users easy access to clear pictures of the front of their house.  Aaron and Christie Boring said that Google came onto the driveway of their Pittsburgh home to take pictures for its controversial service, and that having the images online is a threat to their safety.

Two Chinese nabbed at LAX with infrared cameras

VIDEO - Speaker overload, we blew out our eardrums at the Bangkok Motor Show

A nice looking car is one thing, but some people are more interested in having the loudest car on the block … or better yet several blocks.  In what is a traditional at the Bangkok International Motor Show, hundreds of audio enthusiasts showed off their best eardrum-splitting cars and we managed to get some video of the craziest vehicles.  And we probably lost five years worth of hearing in the process.

Michigan frat house builds paintball-firing Panzer tank

Rolling Stones launches Youtube channel

Census stumbles over high-tech counter

Comcast opens up super-speedy Internet

Comcast this week began offering a new tier of Internet speed, allowing users a 50 mbps connection, which is quick enough to download a full HD movie in 10 minutes.  Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota are the test cities for the new connection option, with a main initial target of professional subscribers like businesses.

Ebay raises fee for selling digital downloads