Scientists to develop 3D camera with 12,616 lenses

A research group from Stanford University is working on a new idea that one day could enable the production of a relatively simple yet very capable 3D digital camera: Instead of using just one lens, the researchers are mounting thousands of lenses on groups of sensors, which will generate thousands of images for every single shot – providing a slightly different view on every pixel in an image.

Organic molecules found on far-away planet

Joost! debuts just in time for March Madness

Starting yesterday, American TV viewers will tune in for NCAA's March Madness, college basketball tournament that saw more giant killing feats in its history than any other. 65 male and 64 female teams will battle for their colleges for this year's trophies.  What makes March Madness 2008 special is the fact that you can follow all of the games on Joost!, online TV service - created by authors of Skype. This is the first major sports championship where Joost! is offering live coverage and no, you could not imagine a better stress test than numerous basketball games.

Man builds suicide robot to kill himself

This is a very sad story to write.  An 81-year-old man living in Australia's Gold Coast constructed a suicide robot and used it to successfully kill himself.  Francis Tovey was distraught over having to move out of his home into foster care and built the robot from plans found on the Internet.

Two U.S. aircraft carriers head towards Taiwan

The USS Kitty Hawk and the Nimitz are headed to Taiwan for training exercises.  According to Reuters, the carriers will be “responsibly positioned” off the coast just in case something happens (cough Chinese invasion cough) during this weekend’s elections.

Universal Studios building attendee-skimming roller coaster

Monitor panel prices expected to rise in April, DisplaySearch says

Tesla Roadster begins production

Tesla Motors has announced that it will begin regular production of its all-electric Roadster.  Capable of going from 0 to 60 mph in 3.9 seconds, the car gets 220 miles per charge and is of course a zero-emission vehicle.  Tesla CEO and President Ze’ev Drori says the 2008 model year is sold out, but you can plunk down a hefty $100,000 deposit to reserve next year’s cars.{gallery}200803181{/gallery}

Clean yourself with Vista SP1 toilet paper

If there is one place in the world that any gadget-electronic freak should go to, that is Akihabara district in Tokyo. Numerous stores bring on fascinating number of products, often first in the world. There are also products which are not so usual, nor you can find them in retail or e-tail in western world.

VIDEO - ‘BigDog’ robot walks on snow, rubble and ice

A new robot may soon be taking a lot of weight off of our soldiers’ backs.  The four-legged BigDog robot has been in development for a few years, but thanks to some DARPA money it’s now much nimbler and scary looking.  Made by Boston Dynamics, the bot can gallop along at 3.3 miles-per-hour and carry up to 340 pounds of gear.

Oww my eyes – Army uses lasers to coax slow drivers out of the way

The United States Army is dazzling Afghani drivers with laser light in a bid to prevent accidents with its convoys.  Convoy crews have been testing out the GLARE weapon-mounted laser by shinning the beams into the windshields of slow and dangerous cars.  So far the makers of the laser system, B.E. Meyers and Company, say the tests are a resounding success.

Iridium: It’s back, stronger and more convincing than ever

TG Daily Feature – A decade ago, Iridium promised a nearly perfect scenario of global wireless connectivity based on satellite telephony. A flawed market strategy sent the company into Chapter 11 and Iridium disappeared from our radar a few months before the dotcom bubble blew up. Since 2001, a new Iridium has been flourishing into what could be considered the most fascinating global communications technology you never hear about. Join us for a closer look at the Iridium of yesterday, today and tomorrow: Is there a satellite phone in your future? 

‘Don’t tase me bro’ up for YouTube award

The infamous video of a University of Florida student being tasered is a nominee for the 2007 YouTube Video Awards.  Shot by the Gainesville Sun newspaper, the video shows UF student Andrew Meyer being wrestled to the ground by police officers on September 27th 2007 after he refused to leave a political event.  Meyer resisted arrested and was tasered by police.

DirecTV finally begins testing video-on-demand

After more than a year of talking about a satellite-powered video-on-demand service, DirecTV has finally begun initial testing of such a platform for a widespread release later this year.  According to the Wall Street Journal, DirecTV has opened up the service to a select group of testers.  Unlike cable providers, satellite services like DirecTV have historically had trouble storing and transmitting pre-recorded content to a large group of households all at once.

AOL to pocket Bebo social networking site for $850m

AOL has announced that it will acquire the social networking site Bebo for $850 million, more than $200 million over what News Corp paid for Myspace last year.  Bebo currently has the strongest hold in the UK and Ireland, where it is the #1 social networking platform.  It is also the most popular one in New Zealand and ranks in at #3 in the US.

Web inventor says Google could be left in the dust

Tim Berners-Lee, the inventor of the World Wide Web (sorry Al Gore fans), claims next generation web technology companies could surpass Google.  In an interview with the Times Online, Berners-Lee said data mashups from Google and other companies are just the tip of the iceberg and that future websites will be able to connect almost any data.

Red light cameras increase crashes and insurance rates – study

A University Of South Florida College Of Public Health study says red light cameras actually increase the number and severity of crashes.  The study examined red light camera accident data from around the United States and Canada and found an up to 40% increase in accident rates at some camera-equipped intersections.  Researchers also contend that insurance companies benefit from the cameras by increasing the premiums of offenders.

Youtube opens up video library to developers

Web developers have some new tools to play with, as Google has opened up its entire collection of Youtube videos to allow other websites the opportunity to create customized video playback.  As it stands now, users are able to embed Youtube videos into their own website, but they must use a specific piece of Internet code and viewers need to actually go to the video on to read and post comments.  With the newly opened features, website creators can essentially create an entire mirror of Youtube.

Blu-ray player prices hit 2008 highs as competition dwindles

Pricewatch - Blu-ray Disc players from Samsung, Sony and Sharp are now the most expensive they have been all year, presumably because HD DVD's exit from the high-def disc arena has removed some of Blu-ray's pricing pressure.  Although HD DVD was always seen as a distant second in the HD format war, it constantly received attention because of the lower cost of its players.  Because of this, standalone Blu-ray players were not moving off store shelves very steadily.

USAF retiring the Stealth Fighter

After a 27-year run, the Air Force is retiring the F-117 Stealth Fighter.  Meant to be nearly invisible to radar, the F-117 has bombed targets in Panama, Afghanistan, Kosovo and Iraq.  The F-117s are currently being replaced with the F-22 Raptor.